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Numerology Unveiled - Get Your Forecast for 2014

Use Numerology to predict your future


“When you harmonize with the natural energy flow of your numbers, not only will you improve your life and your year - you’ll enhance your ability to manifest your goals and dreams!” – Michelle Buchanan
What is Numerology?
Western Pythagorean Numerology (created by Pythagoras, the Greek mystic and mathematician 2500 years ago), is the ancient metaphysical science of numbers where your “name” and “date of birth” have a significant influence over the circumstances of your life. In numerology, each number (and letter) has a unique energy pattern that indicates specific personality traits, strengths, and challenges as well as the type of experiences, lessons, and opportunities you’ll encounter during this life. As whacky as it seems, you’d be surprised how accurate this information can be!
 The beauty of numerology is that it offers valuable insight into two key areas: Your Personality (including your destiny and life purpose) and Forecasting(your future potential and what lies ahead). One of the key forecasting numbers in numerology is the “Personal Year Number” where you have a number between 1 and 9 for the duration of the year. Some numerologists believe this number runs from Jan 1st to Dec 31st and others believe it runs from birthday to birthday, however neither theory is right or wrong. It’s simply a matter of personal preference. Either way, this number reveals the lessons, opportunities and experiences you’ll encounter for the year and the action you must take in order to make it the best year it can be. 
Different Numerology Meanings
Numbers are simply patterns of energy flowing in a specific direction and when you understand what that direction is and adjust yourself accordingly – in other words go with flow rather than swim against the current – you can improve your life circumstances and manifest your dreams with greater ease. This is because successful manifestation via the Law of Attraction requires you to raise your personal vibration and harmonize with the natural flow of energy around you. Therefore, when you harmonize with the natural energy flow of your “numbers,” not only will you improve your life and your year - you’ll enhance your ability to manifest your goals and dreams! And goodness knows we could all use a little help in that department!    
A Free Numerology Reading for 2014
Whether you believe in numerology or not, if you want to make the most of 2014, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try. One thing’s for certain - when you know the forecast ahead you can prepare for potential challenges and take advantage of the opportunities coming your way. This gives you an extra advantage and keeps you one step ahead of the game.
2014 Numerology Calculator 
Step 1: Add the ‘day’ and ‘month’ of your birth date to 2014.
Step 2: If you end up with a double-digit number total, add the two numbers together to get a single-digit Personal Year Number between 1 and 9.
Let’s use the birthdate March 28th, 1969 (3-28-1969) as an example:
 3+2+8+2+0+1+4= 20
2+0 = 2 Personal Year Number
 Get Your Personal 2014 Numerology Descriptions Below
1 Personal Year Number
New Beginnings, Action, Opportunity
This is a year of new beginnings and opportunities to create a fresh start where you must find the courage to make the necessary changes that will improve your quality of life. Whether it involves embarking upon a new relationship or career, moving into a new home or simply creating a new “you”, this is a time to “go for it” rather than let your fears and insecurities hold you back. This is the year to learn something new, have a makeover, work on your personal development, begin a healthy new lifestyle, and/or adopt a positive mind-set. As this is a powerful manifestation year, the seeds you plant this year will set the tone for the next nine years. So be optimistic about yourself and your future and focus only on what you “want” rather than what you “don’t want”.
2 Personal Year Number
Relationships, Balance, Emotions
Self-love and your relationship with yourself is your number one priority this year as you work on achieving mental, physical and emotional balance by addressing any unresolved emotions or limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living a happy, harmonious life. This is also a year where relationship issues that have been brewing beneath the surface with work colleagues, family, partners, or friends will rise to be resolved. Therefore, it pays to be cooperative, tolerant, understanding and diplomatic at all times. This is also a favorable year for singles to find love. This year can bring about exaggerated emotions so you may feel hypersensitive to criticism and overreact at times. Your intuition is heightened, so follow your inner guidance and you’ll automatically be led where you need to be. This is the perfect year to focus on your psychic development. This is a slow and steady year of adaptability that requires balance and patience. 
3 Personal Year Number
Self-Expression, Communication, Creativity
This year focuses on self-expression, whether it’s artistic, creative, or requires communication of the verbal or written word. Either way, you must express yourself regularly throughout the year, speak your truth, and be honest about how you feel. Your feelings are “better let out than kept in” this year. As Number 3 intensifies the emotions, if you’re dwelling on the negative or focusing on unnecessary drama, things can become a lot worse than they are and spiral out of control. Therefore, it pays to lighten up and have fun in a 3 year. This can be a lucky, exciting, and uplifting year - depending on your attitude. So try to see the glass half full and make some time for light hearted fun. This is the perfect time to take a vacation, socialize with friends, make new friends, and partake in joyful activities. Any form of creative expression is favorable this year, regardless of what it is. As long as it makes you feel good, you’re on the right path.
 4 Personal Year Number
Effort, Building, Planning
This year is all about building a solid foundation for your future by putting systems in place that will help you improve your quality of life. This is a year of hard work, as 4 indicates that extra physical, mental, and emotional effort is required to obtain your desired results. So prioritize your time and face your challenges head-on. It may take longer than usual for things to come to fruition and to reap the rewards of your efforts; however, the lesson of the 4 is to be patient and persevere through obstacles and delays. No matter how hard it gets, never, ever give up! Think of this year as a test of your dedication and commitment to yourself, where your attitude is the key to your success. Physical, mental, emotional, and financial stability are essential this year, so focus on your health, be optimistic, deal with issues from the past, avoid unnecessary drama and plan your finances carefully. With dedication, determination, and discipline, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.
 5 Personal Year Number
Progress, Movement, Change
This is a dynamic and action-packed year full of expected and unexpected change where anything can happen, and it usually does. This is a year to be adventurous, take practical calculated risks, and experience new things. Compared to the restraints of last year, this is a year of progress and freedom; however, whether it’s an exciting or chaotic year depends upon your attitude. Extra effort is required to eliminate unnecessary drama from your life and your key to success is to be adaptable and flexible and to go with the flow. This is a year to get out and about, travel, visit new places, and make new friends. Extra effort is required to remain focused, grounded, and stable. Don’t put your finger in too many pies or you may accomplish very little and things can spiral out of control.
 6 Personal Year Number
Relationships, Family, Domestic Responsibility
This year is all about responsibility and sacrifice where your relationships with friends, family, and loved ones will require your attention. During the course of this year, you’ll need to balance your career with your domestic responsibilities and find the middle ground between giving to others and honoring your own needs. You will also need to take responsibility for your actions. This is a very favorable year for singles to find love. If you’re already in a relationship or married, issues that have been brewing beneath the surface will rise to be resolved. Typically, this is a year where couples either make up or break up. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to take your relationship to a deeper level of commitment and understanding or to go your separate ways. Either way, this is the year to make every relationship in your life the best it can be. As 6 also represents the home, this is a good time to buy, sell, move, renovate, or decorate … your home.
 7 Personal Year Number
Introspection; Personal and Spiritual Growth
This is a year to slow down and take a step back to focus on your “inner” development. You may not feel as motivated and social as you usually are and may prefer to spend quiet time alone to study or just “be”. This is a year where you’ll ask the big questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Where is my life going? What is my life purpose? As you contemplate the answers to these questions, the findings that arise will change the course of your life. This is a year where the more “inner” work you do, the greater your success in the “outer” world. In fact, your future success depends upon the improvements you make this year. Your capacity for research and understanding is at its peak throughout the year; therefore, it’s a favorable time to study—especially anything that relates to metaphysics, analytics, philosophy, science, IT, psychology, or conventional or alternative health.
 8 Personal Year Number
Personal Power, Finances, Career
This year focuses on business, career, property, finances, and legal matters. For some there will be opportunities for recognition, expansion, and financial gain, while others may experience a reversal of fortune or financial loss. As 8 is the number of “karmic balance,” the outcome of this year is often in proportion to your life lessons; along with your efforts, attitude, and intentions of the past seven years. This is also a year to reclaim your personal power by asserting yourself when dealing with authority and confronting anything or anyone that has disempowered you in some way. Whether it’s an overpowering person, addiction, fear, or belief, this is the year to confront it once and for all and take ownership of your power. 8 is the number of “money and manifestation,” so get your finances in order and be mindful not to overspend. In order to attract abundance and opportunity you must focus on the positives and minimize your fears. This is a very karmic year where major lessons will be learned, and important connections will be made. Significant people will cross your path who can enhance your career and/or your overall quality of life.
 9 Personal Year Number
Transformation, Endings, Completion
As this is the final year in a 9-year cycle, it focuses on completion and transformation in preparation for new beginnings. A major part of this transformation involves letting go of the things in your life that no longer serve you—whether it’s a job, friendship, relationship, residence, mind-set, or behavior you may have outgrown. Either way, this is a time to spring-clean your life so you can move toward better things. To make the most of this year, trust in the Divine plan; surrender to change; forgive others and yourself; and accept, let go, and move on when things don’t go your way. Despite it being a year of endings, it’s also a year of rebirth and compensation, where everything you’ve been striving for can finally come to fruition. Compassion and forgiveness play a major role this year, so be open-minded toward others and resolve outstanding conflicts and disputes. This is also a year to do something to assist the environment or offer a helping hand to a charity, person, family, or animal/s in need.

If you’d like further information about numerology and the other numbers in your numerology chart refer to the The Numerology Guidebook or visitwww.michellebuchanan.co.nz  to sign up for a FREE monthly forecast. 
Michelle Buchanan is a speaker, teacher, and writer who has studied numerology for more than 20 years.

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3 Tools To Help You Forgive Someone

How to forgive others and learn from judgments.


“Our internal reactions to people and events are a reflection of our own self-judgments and long-held toxic emotions.” – Iyanla Vanzant
Nothing in life causes more pain and suffering than the judgments we hold about and against others and ourselves. I think Byron Katie says it best: “When you argue against reality, you will suffer.” Judgments are the thoughts or arguments we hold about or against what is, what was, and what should be. All judgments create suffering and need to be forgiven.

Releasing Judgement 
Every interaction and experience in life offers the opportunity to become aware of those things that we do not recognize and/or do not accept about ourselves. This is the foundation of all judgments. It is very easy to point out in others the things we deny, dismiss, avoid, excuse, and resist acknowledging that we actually believe are true about us.
When we are willing to be emotionally honest, we will discover that the reactions we have to circumstances, situations, and people give us more information about ourselves than about anyone or anything else. Every upsetting encounter is triggering an emotion that is present on our internal landscape.
When someone makes a remark about us, it may trigger hurt or fear or sadness.
We may judge the person as mean or insensitive or disrespectful. Upon a closer investigation, it’s revealed that the thing being said by someone else is the same thing we may have said to ourselves about ourselves—when no one else was around. However, when a person makes the same remark and we don’t have that judgment about ourselves, chances are we will not be hurt or offended by it. Regardless of the circumstances, our internal reactions to people and events are a reflection of our own self-judgments and long-held toxic emotions. Rarely do our negative reactions have anything to do with another person’s bad behavior.
3 Learning Tools to Help You Forgive Others
More often than not, judgments can be traced back to one of three primary issues:
1. We do not/cannot tolerate the same behavior or characteristic in ourselves. 
When we harbor feelings of inadequacy, inappropriateness,weakness, or the “not-good-enough” syndrome, we resent seeing our behaviors and tendencies demonstrated by another person. Seeing it “out there” embarrasses us, so we condemn what is being demonstrated. A judgment of resentment or embarrassment often reveals that we are not fully expressing ourselves, and we experience resentment or anger when others do so.
2. We are unaware that we behave a certain way and of the impact that behavior has on others. 
So we disown it and project the behavior onto others and dislike it “out there.” Whenever we experience dislike, upset, or anger about how someone is, we must ask ourselves, “
How and under what circumstances am I prone to behave the same way?” Only when we become willing to take an honest look within to determine if we share some of the characteristics we dislike in others can we become self-accepting and self-aware.
3. When we are envious and resentful, we must find something wrong with others who have what we want or do what we desire to do.
We judge them in order to make them wrong about who we are and what we have not created for ourselves. When someone attains a certain level of success or recognition, it may remind us of a lack of confidence or success in our own life experience. When feelings of inadequacy surface in the face of success, chances are we will look for and find something wrong with the person to negate what is right or good about them and their accomplishments. This is also known as the “crabs-in-a-barrel” mentality: pulling someone down to the level we believe we are on.
Forgive Yourself First
It is only when we forgive our judgments that we can have compassion for others, even when they behave in ways we would not. With time, practice, and forgiveness we grow a deeper understanding of what we say and do to others that can and will transform how we live within ourselves. See my book, Forgiveness, 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything for more tools to help you forgive.
Rev. Iyanla Vanzant is an internationally renowned inspirational speaker, the founder and Executive Director of the Inner Visions Spiritual Life Maintenance Network.

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O poder das palavras

O poder das palavras é realmente algo muito sério.

Determinada expressão dita ou escrita de forma certa mas no momento errado, pode virar nosso mundo de cabeça para baixo.

E a sensação não é realmente das melhores.

Vejam por exemplo uma pequenina palavra:


Esta fere como ferro em brasa...profundamente.

A dor é tanta, e em determinadas situações causa tanto estrago na Alma do outrem, que se parássemos para pensar com Compaixão no mal que estaríamos fazendo para outro igual, não a diríamos ou escreveríamos nunca.

ADEUS...expressão conclusiva e definitiva.

Forte isso não é verdade?

E é também uma grave responsabilidade que assumimos ao pronunciá-la.

Decretamos a morte do sonho.

E matar o sonho de alguém é condenar este alguém a morrer em Vida.

Mas então nunca poderemos dar por terminado um ciclo?

Nunca poderemos reconhecer que erramos em nossa escolha e mudar o rumo de nossas vidas por estarmos presos a intenções que nos pareciam certas em outros momentos?
Claro que podemos.

E mais do que poder, temos o dever!

Viver situações mal resolvidas, insistir em situações que se arrastam em tentativas infindas de acertos, mas que sempre nos conduzem ao final errado é estarmos dizendo ADEUS aos nossos próprios sonhos nos condenando a morte ainda em Vida. 

Parece complicado o uso desta palavrinha.

Mas na verdade não é.

Nós humanos é que complicamos tudo, na tentativa de nos punirmos sempre.

Tem uma expressão tão antiga quando a criação do mundo que diz: eu não sei porque estou te batendo, mas você certamente sabe porque está apanhando.

É bem por ai.

Carregamos a "culpa" em nossa Alma por situações que provocamos nesta ou em outras vidas, e não perdemos a oportunidade de nos auto flagelar, na tentativa ilusória de nos perdoar. 

Podemos usar a expressão ADEUS quando resolvemos dar um basta em determinadas situações de nossas vidas que já não nos completam?

Podemos usar a expressão ADEUS quando um ente querido, ligado a nós por vínculo de amor ou amizade parte deste plano?

Podemos usar a expressão ADEUS quando existiu um sonho de Amor, e mesmo na impossibilidade momentânea da vivência plena deste Amor condenar este sentimento maior ao degredo?

E porque este não?

Porque não existe ADEUS.

Esta palavra, para nós humanos, significa a inexistência total e completa.

E não é possível inexistir o que é eterno.

E é isso o que Tudo é...ETERNO na ESSÊNCIA.

Enfim, cuida para não usar palavras que possam ferir a outrem.
Nunca diga ADEUS a quem te ama, pois estará demonstrando para este alguém o quando pequeno e inexistente é este sentimento, transformando em NADA o que na realidade é TUDO. 

Cuide-se, pois certamente responderá perante a Vida por tuas palavras e atos, porque a grande e definitiva verdade é que HÁ DEUS!!

Walkyria Garcia


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Todos nós seres humanos queremos a felicidade, e lutamos para escapar do sofrimento. 
Temos projetos para nossa vida, compromissos com as nossas famílias, contas a pagar, sonhos a realizar. 
Tudo isso está dentro do mundo E este mundo vive atualmente um processo de grandes mudanças. 
E rápidas, e muito exigentes.
Os jornais falam em crises e obstáculos para suas superações. 
A todo o momento a globalização redefine o mapa do mundo, dos investimentos, das megafusões. 
A cada redefinição, o temor da perda de emprego, do status, o rebaixamento de salário, incertezas sobre os novos esquemas e relacionamentos de trabalho. 
As inseguranças agitam e inquietam a mente humana. 
Ansiedade, tensão, estresse.
No vórtice desse processo, a mídia lança o imperativo que abrange também os trabalhadores de alta qualificação, executivos, gerentes: Atualizar-se, se informar, aprender novos métodos, novas tecnologias, estar a par de tudo.

Mudanças aceleradas, pressões, novas mudanças. 
Ousar, ser criativo, eficiente. 
Mudanças, mudanças, mudanças, ou seremos postos à margem da vida social e econômica. 
O desafio está colocado.

Para examiná-lo, precisamos nos fazer algumas perguntas, cujas respostas nos ajudem a direcionar as ações que sejam propícias para suas soluções.
Quais são as mudanças que nos são exigidas? 

Em que áreas de nossa vida: profissional-financeira? 
Físico-afetiva? Familiar? 
E como fazê-las? 
Quais habilidades são exigidas a cada redefinição? 
Ainda mais: qual o limite de nossa capacidade humana de mudar nossos padrões nas várias áreas de nossa vida, e numa velocidade cada vez mais acelerada? 
Qual o custo físico e psíquico desse esforço? 
Todos suportam esse mesmo esforço exigido? 
E aqueles que não suportam, carregarão perante seus familiares, ambientes de trabalho e amizade, o estigma de “incapazes, lerdos, fracassados”? 
E o que é mais dramático, como se verão diante de si mesmos?
E por último: onde fica a nossa condição humana nisso tudo? 

Essa pergunta nos remete diretamente a outra mais sutil e profunda: o que somos nós seres humanos, quais são nossas necessidades? 
E esta pergunta nos remete a uma ainda mais profunda: qual o propósito, o significado do viver humano?

Há dois mil e quinhentos anos atrás, na Índia, o príncipe Sidhartha Gautama, aquele que se tornará o Buddha Shakyamuni, fez a si mesmo as mesmas perguntas: onde está a felicidade, de onde vem o sofrimento?

Dois milênios e meio se passaram. Hoje temos mais recursos materiais, maiores comodidades foram conquistadas pelo progresso tecnológico: aviões, automóveis, computadores, celulares, medicina, informação, aumento da expectativa de vida e muitas outras coisas úteis ao nosso conforto, recursos que aliviam em certa medida nosso sofrimento.
Com o avanço dos recursos materiais, poderíamos esperar que o ser humano trabalhasse menos, e com isso ganharia mais tempo para seu lazer, sua vida familiar, sua vida criativa. Isto estaria acontecendo? 

Pois o que se ouve são queixas de que se têm cada vez menos tempo para o lazer, a vida familiar, a vida criativa, e que as pessoas se sentem inseguras, solitárias, com medo de perder o emprego, de se tornarem obsoletas, sob crescente pressão das mudanças para situações desconhecidas. 
Porque tantas notícias sobre o aumento da depressão, enfarte, divórcios, obesidade, colesterol?

Comecemos com o que nos é mais próximo: a funcionalidade que se espera que tenhamos em nossa área profissional, pois esta área gerencia nossa sobrevivência material.
A funcionalidade profissional é como um braço de um corpo. 

Sua função é prover nossas necessidades materiais básicas, mas não apenas isto: prover também o desenvolvimento de nossas habilidades, que se ligam ao nosso senso de auto-realização. 
Mas se entramos numa academia e passamos todo o tempo fortalecendo apenas nossos braços, o que acontecerá? 
Uma atrofia das outras partes do corpo, e o desequilíbrio geral.

Na analogia da funcionalidade dos membros de ume corpo, não é só um corpo físico que está em questão, mas nossa vida psíquica-emocional, os pulmões e cérebro deste corpo complexo que é ser humano. 
Como podemos, usando os desafios colocados para nossas atualizações profissionais, tomá-los como alavancas para refletirmos sobre nossos projetos e padrões condicionados com que direcionamos as ações de nossas vidas? 
Isso não nos ajudaria a traçar quais mudanças escolheremos, em que proporções, e quais teremos de aceitar por força das contingências?

Mas há um outro lado que nos envolve: não somos apenas aqueles que sofrem as mudanças. 
Somos co-responsáveis pelas mudanças cujas conseqüências caem também sobre nós. 
Temos de incluir isto também na reflexão de nossas vidas: as escolhas que nós – individualmente e ao nível da sociedade – fazemos, e as conseqüências dessas escolhas, não só para nós, mas também para muitos. 
Não podemos ignorar que há uma interdependência essencial entre todos os seres vivos.
Não será que estamos esquecendo o fato de que nossa condição humana não se restringe apenas à nossa dimensão material e psíquica-emocional? 

Talvez nosso modelo de felicidade tenha uma falha séria: o quanto estamos investindo no centro íntimo da nossa mente humana, a matriz espiritual mais profunda de nossa felicidade? 
Não precisaríamos rever o modelo de felicidade que cada um de nós está construindo para si mesmo?

Lembremos que um dia, tudo que nos é querido será deixado para trás. 
E nesse momento, o que teremos ao nosso favor será o que tivermos construído globalmente durante nossa vida. (...)
Arthur Shaker