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5 Steps to Take Back Your Personal Power, Reclaim Your Life, and Start the New Year Right!

5 Steps to Take Back Your Personal Power, Reclaim Your Life, and Start the New Year Right!
Are you someone who can honestly say that you don’t follow the crowd, that you only follow your own convictions? If you disagree with something that your friends are doing, do you walk away or do you go along with them, afraid that if you speak up that they may not like you anymore? Do you think that someone else’s opinion is more important than your own? If so, then make note of these 5 steps to take back your personal power, reclaim your life and start the New Year right!
How Did We Lose Our Personal Power in the First Place?
Everything is energy. Absolutely everything. Quantum physics shows us that.
Quantum physicist David Joseph Bohm (1917 – 1992), discovered in the U.C. Berkeley Radiation Laboratory during the early fifties that individual electrons act as part of an inter-connected whole. His discovery contributed to the scientific understanding of wave/particle duality, which basically states that everything is connected together.
The quantum universe acts like a wave – existing in a potential state – until an observation is made collapsing that wave into a particle, and thus “creating it.” The conclusion this makes is that the observer and the thing being observed share a connection.
With everything being energy, including us – as we go through life, we make unconscious “energy” agreements with family members, friends, colleagues, co-workers. These agreements are like “energy contracts” where we agree to play a certain role in relationship to the other person. These contracts we make come from core beliefs we have formed or added to our subconscious repertoire bag-of-tricks and we may not even be aware of them.
Who Pushes YOUR Buttons?
Have you ever worked with someone who just pushes your buttons? Maybe it’s your mate, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your mother, father, or sibling. Maybe it’s a friend or your boss. The point is we all have agreements and contracts we’ve made with folks unconsciously to behave in a way that is agreeable. Unfortunately, this can keep you from experiencing the things you want in life.
Do you have a dream of being something more than you are? If you do, but can’t seem to find the way to it, the energy contracts you have made can be holding you back. These energy patterns are locked away in your energy body – which everyone has – and until you remove them, they’ll keep performing just like the EverReady energizer bunny. They keep going and going, repeating and replaying – only they are powered by a battery not made by human hands.
So how do we reclaim our personal power?
To do this, you will need to take some time where you will be alone. What you will want to do is receive several deep breaths in and out. Get present with your body, feel how it feels in this moment. Bring your focus to the now.
Visualize a scenario in which you continually find yourself feeling powerless. Once you get that in mind pay attention (remembering to breathe deeply and regularly, don’t hold your breath):
  • Be willing to be open to seeing the situation differently than you have before. This isn’t about placing blame, it’s about looking at the scenario as if you were watching a movie.

  • Be willing to accept what comes up for you – without judgment. This is not a lesson in self-blame or criticism. Just be willing and open to what you feel and see, what you experience.

  • Acknowledge what you see. Be willing to sit with it without judgment or self-criticism, experience it, feel it, and see it. Acknowledge that you “see” the situation. Just like in the movie, Avatar where Neytiri says to Jack Sully, “I see you,” it’s important to see these limitations and acknowledge them. When you bring awareness and acknowledgment to the forefront, your very act of awareness begins to change the situation immediately.

  • Take back your power — use creative visualization to take back your power from the event. You can do this in whatever manner you choose. Creative visualization is a way to see yourself in the situation using your imagination and performing a “symbolic deed” that may be representative of reclaiming your power. For instance if you gave your power away to someone who belittles you, visualize your “power” as a book and ask them to give it back to you.

  • Thank them, forgive them and forgive yourself. In your meditation, after they hand you the “book,” thank them for giving back your power, forgive them and yourself for getting in this situation in the first place and see this situation as resolved. Send them feelings of light and love from your heart and see them accepting this light and love. Finish up with dousing the both of you in golden liquid light from a power greater than you from about 20 feet above you both. Feel filled up with this light from the inside out.

After You Do the Meditation – After you do the meditation over the next several days, you may notice several new and different things in your daily life – but you may not immediately “feel” as if anything is different. If you did this meditation with someone who is close to you – you may notice a few things: they may change how they interact with you, they may get really ticked off at you, they may ignore you or you may illicit any number of emotional responses from them without trying. This is evidence that what you did had an impact. But for you, you will notice that you aren’t hooked into “old” patterns of behavior any more and you are free to be yourself!
Working with energy in this manner can be extremely liberating and oftentimes what happens next is something that you never expected. But as long as you remember to completely love and accept yourself, you’re off to a good start in changing your life for the New Year.
About the Author Laurie J Brenner
Author Brenner has published two books, the Little Book of Becoming-The Primer to Living Inside Outand Changing Planes, a metaphysical fiction. Brenner’s mission is to inspire you to your own greatest potential.
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