segunda-feira, abril 27, 2009

Shine with Truth

Today is a day to be yourself, to shine out with all that you are.

There is nothing extreme or demanding required. Simply take in each moment as it comes, feel it deep within your core, and access your own truth.

To access your truth, you must often go through a layer of conditioned responses, the defenses and reactions you have built up through a lifetime. And so it often requires a deep breath as you plunge through those responses and down into your truth, as if you are diving into a pool of deep water, but first need to slice through the fog lying across the water.

And now, here, in the deep pool of your own personal truth, all is still. Drift down until there is no noise at all. Drift down until it is you and only you, here within the pool of your truth.

Now, begin to realize that the water that holds your truth is made of love. Yes, you are held, supported and surrounded by love. And this love is like water and air both, love that holds you up and air that lets you breathe deeply, for it is like being again within the womb, where you are contained and held, and utterly and completely safe.

And now, here within this deep truth, your truth, surrounded and held by love, you may ask: what shall I do right now, in this moment? How shall I respond to what has occurred?

And the answer, your true response, will come to you, in words or pictures of a feeling deep inside.

This response may require courage, for it may ask you to do something very brave and unfamiliar. It may ask you to look someone directly in the eyes and speak as you have never spoken before, with truth and love combined.

It may ask you to approach a stranger with a request or a gift. It may ask you to express love of yourself, by learning a new skill or dusting off a natural talent. It may ask you to become a person lifted out of the mire of emotional reactions and into the deep and high world of truth and love.

And now, you rise up out of the depths and act, using what you have seen and heard in the pool of your truth as your guide, as your shining light.

Do this every day, every moment, and your steps will lead to wondrous places, serendipity and synchronicity will be your natural companions, and you will begin to walk as one new and shining, coming from pure intentions, speaking and acting from a deep personal truth.

Do this, and you cannot help but shine.

I am sending you my love and caring. I hope that these messages help strengthen your inner light.

Love & peace,



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