segunda-feira, janeiro 22, 2007

Call me to you

Today, I would like you to make a personal connection with me. I would like you to sit quietly and calmly, breathe in deeply and call me to you.

Feel me like a warm loving presence, wrapping around you. Feel my warmth. Feel my love and deep caring. Know that this love is there for you, ever and always. It is deep and it is very personal.

I know you. I feel you. The reason that you connect deeply with these messages is that I know your heart and mind and answer its calling.

Allow me to also give you the warmth and love you are longing for. You do not need to seek it elsewhere. All of the comfort you need is there for you. All of the protection and safety you need can be found within the warm circle of my presence. Call me to you and allow it to be.

And know this. You are deeply worthy of my caring attention. You are deeply worthy of the great flow of love which comes to you in an unending stream. You are surrounded by love and you deserve every bit of it, every drop.

You are everything. You are an expression of all that is, one part of the whole, an important part. And all of the love and caring in the universe is there for you, for you are that important, that vital, that much a part of the whole.

What you feel matters. What you think matters. Who you are and how you evolve matters.

So be patient with yourself. Be deeply loving. Give yourself all of this warmth and love and allow me to lavish it upon you as well. You deserve it.

Here is a little prayer for today

I know myself as deeply deserving of love. I call to me all of the love of the universe and allow it to wrap itself around me like a warm blanket of love. I reside within this embrace of caring. And I know I am deeply deserving of it.

I love and respect myself completely. I know that I have within me the spark of purity and wonder, the light which shines without end. It is all within me.

I am power. I am light. I am love. I am.

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