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5 Magic Mind Switches For Attracting All Your Desires (Part 1 and 2) by Mark

Part 1

What if you could just flip a magic switch and automatically turn on more happiness, inner well being, and a greater sense of excitement for living? "Sounds great but that's impossible" you say! Don't be too sure!

The key to attracting almost everything you desire begins in your powerful mind. You're about to discover this great truth first hand. First you turn on the optimal mindset then good things begin to happen to you.

The following techniques are incredibly powerful and are to be used as often as possible until they become a habit. For starters I want you to commit to using these magic switches for at least seven days each.

This will do two things, first it will greatly improve your life in record time. Second it will motivate you to continue to use them as you begin to enjoy the benefits you receive.

Be sure to give each of these switches an honest try for seven days. Don't discard any of them because they seem too simple. Just do them and keep track of the results. Are you ready? Here we go!

The First Magic Mind Switch - "Clean Out the Clutter"

Free your mind from negative clutter and create more space for a powerful positive mind.

Negative mind clutter takes up a lot of space. This clutter consists of things like worry, fear, day dreaming, hurt, anger, resentment, insecurity, low self image, regret, and all sorts of unproductive things. It's like a seriously de-fragmented computer hard drive, slowing things down and preventing good programs from working at all.

Getting rid of negative mind clutter is essential for building your positive mind. Too often we ignore negative thoughts and just push them to the back of our minds hoping they'll go away. Unfortunately, negative mind clutter won't go away until you clean it out. As long as clutter is floating around in your head it's causing subtle damage to your living.

If you allow negative clutter to remain unchecked, almost no amount of positive input can displace it for long. Negative thoughts often overpower positive thoughts in hand to hand combat.

So what's the solution? Complete and total elimination. You need to wipe out the enemy and start clean. Only a mind that's free and clear of negativity can take full advantage of positive input. Starting fresh each day with a clear mind and feeding it with positive input will help you to operate at peak performance. The result is a positively charged mind that attracts phenomenal results.

Turn on your first positive mind switch by writing out a "What's Bugging Me Now" list. In order for this switch to work you MUST write your list down on paper.

The act of writing it out is the very process for getting clutter out of your head, freeing you from it's damaging affects. Until you write it out on paper the clutter remains in your head shuffling around from place to place, constantly resurfacing. Here's what you do...

Take out as much paper as you need and on the top of the fist page write the following phrase. "What's Bugging Me Now?". Then simply write out everything that's on your mind.

Write about your worries, fears, anger, hurt feelings, regrets, anything that comes to mind. Write and write until you cant think of anything else. After you write about something that's on your mind, write down why it bothers you. Do you feel neglected, resent getting older, want to be appreciated, are you hurt, are you angry because things aren't going as planned, are you worried about the future, are you afraid? Just dig deep enough to find out what's bugging you and why it bugs you.

Next ask yourself, "what can I do about it?". You can always do something positive about it. You can accept the things you can not change, you can pray for those who hurt you, you can strive to do better going forward, you can find someone less fortunate than you are and help them, you can turn it over to the care of your Higher Power, and trust Him to work it out for your good. You can always do something positive about the things that bother you.

Granted, for some of you this first list may resemble a book! That's good! That just means you have a lot of clutter to remove. All the more reason you must do this list. You will quickly realize that subsequent lists become quite small and manageable.

The idea here is to get negative thinking out of your head and out into the open where you can see it for what it is, "the worst use of your mind, time, and energy". At the end of your list write the following words. "I turn all these things over to the care of the Highest Power in the Universe to take care of, from this moment on I let go of all these negative forces and trust all things will be worked out for my best possible good".

Do this list at the beginning of each day in order to give yourself the best possible start. If you really want to increase your results, do a second list right before you go to bed. This will put you in the optimal mindset for a good night sleep. Practice using this switch for the next seven days. Notice how it changes you. Notice how it makes you feel? Sense the freedom that comes from this switch.

Throughout the week strive to avoid things that will add clutter to your mind. Don't watch or listen to negative, violent, or hateful programs. Avoid watching or listening to the news, as the focus is often disturbing. Learn to accept the fact that you can't change world events, you can only change yourself. However, changing yourself will change your world and many of the circumstances that directly affect you. Spend as little time as possible around negative, complaining people. Strive not to do things that would violate your conscience. As the old saying goes, garbage in garbage out. Try to keep your mind clean and sharp.

Constantly feed your mind with positive books, tapes, and conversations in order to stay at peak performance. You'll be proud of yourself. If you slip back into an old pattern, write out another list as soon as you can. Don't let negative thinking hang around long enough to do any damage.

You'll be delighted with the pleasure that comes from the proper maintenance of your valuable mind.

Remember to practice this powerful positive mind switch daily to enjoy attracting positive opportunities into your life. Enjoy!

Part 2

Try this second magic mind switch to instantly increase your enjoyment of life.

The Second Magic Mind Switch - "Gratitude Produces an Optimal Attitude".

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow."
Melody Beattie - Author

It is only when we become envious of what we don't have that we become unhappy. We often fail to realize that the majority of people in the world live from birth to death in abject poverty. These masses often live without the basic food, clothing, housing, education, and transportation we take for granted. Even the poorest among the industrialized countries are wealthy in comparison.

It's important for our well-being and happiness to be thankful for what we do have. In gratitude our lives are at peace, without it we become dissatisfied even with abundance all around us.

Turn on the second switch by writing a list of everything you have to be grateful for and continue to add to it as you think of new things.

Your list can include food, clothing, protection, sun shine, rain, eyes to see, ears to hear, knowledge, experience, health, family, home, job, car, indoor plumbing, toilet paper, and so on. Write down anything you wouldn't care to be without, everything you can think of. Never focus on what others have that you don't, it serves no good purpose. Your goal is to focus on what you do have no matter how much or how little for now.

When you think you're done review your list. Size doesn't matter because you'll be adding to it over the next week.

As you review your list remember to think of all the people around the world that have less than you do. Think of the starving and homeless, the terminally ill, those ruled by dictators, without freedom of choice or will. Think of the majority of human kind in China, Africa, and India, often without basic necessities. Be thankful you are not one of the majority of human beings living from birth to death trapped in terrible circumstances.

Look at your list of things to be grateful for and give thanks for what you've been blessed with. See how it changes your outlook.

Continue to add to the list throughout the week as you begin to find more things to be grateful for. Sense how this switch makes you feel. How does it change your perspective on life?

When you combine this powerful mind switch of gratitude with the first mind switch of cleaning out mental clutter, you begin to transform yourself and your life into something wonderful!

Remember to use these first 2 magic mind switches daily to enjoy attracting positive opportunities into your life. Just these first 2 switches, practiced daily, will make a huge positive change in your life!

Aromaterapia - Sadness / Tristeza

When your spirit is sad turn to Chamomile- Anthemis nobilis
One of the most peaceful and soothing oils. Gentle, relaxing,
Chamomile brings serenity and inner peace.
Use in a bath (blend with Lavender,
use 6-8 drops total drops of essential oils)
or a massage oil(with Lavender and Marjoram,
use up to 15 drops of essential oils per 1 oz. of
unscented carrier oil.)

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o segredo revisado


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Ervas Medicinais

Todas as indicações são preventivas e agem como terapia de ajuda, sempre em casos de doenças graves tem que as ter o acompanhamento médico, mas na hora de dor de barriga é bom sabermos quais as nossas alternativas.
A Mãe Natureza proporciona ao homem uma infinidade de plantas com valores medicinais. A flora brasileira constitui uma fonte inesgotável de saúde e nossos ancestrais sempre souberam se aproveitar desta riqueza, pois o uso das plantas medicinais existe desde o início dos tempos.
No princípio existia apenas o conhecimento empírico. Hoje, porém, muitas pesquisas científicas comprovam as propriedades medicinais de várias plantas, comprovando (ou não) o uso popular destas plantas. É importante ressaltar que, ao contrário do que muitos imaginam, algumas plantas fazem mal à saúde e por isso não devemos fazer uso indiscriminado desta terapia. Sempre que possível, procure orientação de profissionais da área e não tome qualquer tipo de chá encontrado no mato, pois algumas espécies são muito parecidas e você pode usar uma espécie perigosa por engano.
Os chás podem ser preparados por infusão ou cocção:
- Infusão: Consiste em se despejar água fervente sobre a planta e depois abafar por uns 15 minutos. Este processo é utilizado para flores, folhas e também para ervas aromáticas, pois se as fervermos as essências poderão volatilizar (perder-se pela ação do calor), causando a perda de sabor e poder medicinal do chá.
- Cocção: Consiste em se cozinhar a planta. Este processo deve ser restrito a raízes, cascas e sementes e a fervura pode variar de 3 a 15 minutos.
Dosagem: A quantidade normalmente indicada é de 20 gramas de erva por litro de água ou uma colher de chá por xícara, mas esta dosagem pode variar dependendo da planta.
Pode-se tomar várias xícaras do chá por dia, de preferência longe das refeições, a não ser que o uso do chá seja exatamente para estimular funções digestivas.
Os chás geralmente não precisam ser adoçados. Em alguns casos, porém, pode-se usar o mel quando se quiser aproveitar suas propriedades medicinais (gripes, tosses, etc), mas só devemos adoçar depois de coado, quando o chá já estiver morno, nunca antes, pois o calor destrói o poder medicinal do mel.
Prazo de validade: Nunca use um chá mais de 24 horas depois de preparado, pois ele entra em processo de fermentação (mesmo mantido em geladeira). Prepare a quantidade suficiente para um dia apenas.
Tempo de uso: Recomenda-se não usar o mesmo chá por tempo prolongado, pois o nosso organismo responde cada vez menos ao tratamento. Use por um período de 30 dias e troque por outro tipo de chá, retomando o seu uso após
algum tempo.
Utensílios: Evite usar utensílios de metal para fazer os chás.
Embora não o notemos, eles podem causar alterações no
efeito e sabor do chá. O ideal é usar recipientes de vidro,
barro, louça ou esmalte.

Outros usos:

Os chás, além de tomados, podem ser usados na forma de compressas, banhos, gargarejos, inalações e lavagens.
- Compressas: Compressas de chá quente aliviam dores inflamatórias e facilitam a resolução destas inflamações. Neste caso usam-se chás com propriedades antiinflamató rias.
- Banhos: São os banhos de imersão. A água deve estar
morna e o banho deve durar uns 20 minutos. O banho pode ser repetido três vezes por semana durante um mês. Após este período mudar a erva utilizada.
- Gargarejos: São recomendados para atuar na cavidade bucal e na garganta.
Pode-se colocar sal de cozinha depois de coado, pois este é antiinflamató rio e anti-séptico.
- Inalações: Específico para as vias respiratórias.
Ferver o chá e colocar um funil de papelão invertido sobre o recipiente, inalando o vapor.
- Lavagens: Normalmente intestinais e vaginais (corrimento) .

Aí vão algumas delas:
Artrite Caatinga de Mulata, Malva, Sabugueiro.
Arroto Poejo
Anemia Artemísia, Cavalinha, banhos de Manjerona e Alecrim, Cerefólio, Manjericão, Dente de Alho.
Arteriosclerose Cavalinha
Asma Cerefólio, Hortelã, Funcho.
Baço Salsa, Dente de Leão.
Bexiga Artemísia, Beldroega, Cavalinha, Cerefólio, Malva, Mil Ramas.
Boca (mau hálito) Hortelã, Erva Cidreira, Manjericão, Tanchagem.
Bronquite Beldroega, Cavalinha, Sabugueiro, Bardana.
Cabeça (dores de) Alfazema, Boldo, Camomila, Confrei, Hortelã, Losna.
Cabelo Alecrim, Alfazema, Babosa, Camomila, Manjericão, Sálvia, Bardana.
Cálculos Salsa, Bardana, Dente de Leão.
Calmante Alecrim, ALfazema, Camomila, Manjericão, Funcho.
Cancer Confrei (leucemia), salsa.
Cansaço Mil em Rama.
Catarro Mil em Rama.
Caxumba Erva Cidreira.
Cistite Cavalinha.
Coceira (urticária) Babosa.
Cólica Hepática Erva Cidreira, Hortelã.
Cólica Menstrual Artemísia, Losna.
Cólica de Ventre Cavalinha, Hortelã, Losna, Manjerona, Funcho.
Colite Malva.
Convulsão Artemísia
Contusão Bálsamo
Coração Alecrim, Confrei, Sálvia, Bardana.
Cortes Cavalinha, Confrei.
Coqueluche Alecrim, ALfazema.
Dentes Hortelã, Caatinga de Mulata, Erva Cidreira, Malva, Sálvia, Funcho
Depressão Alecrim.
Depurativo do Sangue Cavalinha, Cerefólio, Confrei, Tanchagem,Bardana, Dente de Leão.
Diabetes Mil em Rama, Salsa, Tanchagem, Poejo, Funcho.
Digestão difícil Alecrim, ALfazema, Boldo.
Doenças Venéreas Mil em Rama, Salsa, Tanchagem.
Dores em Geral Camomila, Confrei, Sálvia.
Eczema Babosa.
Enxaqueca ALfazema, Erva Cidreira, Salsa.
Epilepsia Artemísia.
Estômago Boldo, Camomila, Cerefólio, Erva Cidreira, Manjericão, Mil em Rama, Poejo, Tanchagem.
Feridas Alecrim, Arruda, Belgroega, Mil em Rama, Tanchagem, Bardana.
Fígado Boldo, Beldroega, Mil Rama, Salsa, Dente de Leão.
Fraqueza Alfazema, Boldo, Losna, Manjericão, Mil em Rama, Dente de Leão.
Frieira Saião, Babosa.
Furúnculo Babosa, Malva, Sabugueiro, Tanchagem, Bardana.
Garganta (amigdalite) Alfazema, Cavalinha, Manjericão, Malva, Sálvia, Tanchagem.
Gases ALfazema, Boldo, Manjerona, Poejo, Funcho.
Gastrite Confrei, Bardana.
Gota Alfazema, Mil em Rama, Sabugueiro, Bardana, Dente de Leão.
Gripe Camomila, Cebolinha, Erva Cidreira, Manjerona.
Hemorragias Cavalinha, Confrei, Mil em Rama, Tanchagem.
Hemorródias Mil em Rama, Bardana.
Hepatite Boldo, Confrei.
Histeria Alecrim, Erva Cidreira, Manjerona.
Icterícia Artemísia, Erva Cidreira, Salsa.
Impotência Tanchagem.
Insetos (picadas de) Cebolinha, Salsa, Sálvia.
Insônia Boldo, Hortelã, Mil em Rama, Poejo.
Intestinos Erva Cidreira, Malva.
Intoxicação Nirá.
Lactação Beldroega, Cerefólio, Hortelã, Salsa (secar o leite), Dente de Leão.
Náusea Caatinga de Mulata, Hortelã, Losna, Poejo, Funcho.
Obesidade Losna, Sabugueiro, Malva, Salsa.
Olhos Alecrim, Caatinga de Mulata, Arruda, Beldroega, Cavalinha, Sabugueiro, Camomila, Cerefólio, Erva Cidreira, Salsa.
Ossos Quebrados Confrei.
Ouvidos Caatinga de Mulata, Arruda, Funcho.
Ovários Tanchagem.
Pâncreas Dente de Leão.
Pele (acne, manchas, espinhas, cravos) Confrei, Cerefólio, Malva, Sabugueiro, Bardana.
Pesadelos Erva Cidreira
Piolho Cânfora, Salsa.
Pressão Alta Salsa.
Prisão de Ventre Baldroega, Malva,Sabugueiro, Bardana.
Pulmão(problemas respiratórios) Poejo, Sálvia, Tanchagem.
Queimadura Babosa, Beldroega, Confrei, Bardana.
Resfriado Manjerona, Sálvia, Poejo, Sabugueiro.
Reumatismo Alfazema, Artemísia, Boldo, Cerefólio, Erva Cidreira, Manjerona, Mil em Rama, Bardana, Dente de Leão.
Rins Beldroega, Artemísia, Cavalinha, Manjericao.
Sarna Alecrim, Arruda.
Seios Cerefólio, Salsa.
Tonturas Alfazema.
Torcicolo Manjerona.
Tosse Alfazema, Erva Cidreira, Hortelã, Manjericao, Malva, Poejo, Sálvia, Funcho.
Tuberculose Cavalinha, Confrei.
Úlcera Bálsamo, Cavalinha, Confrei.
Urina ALfazema, Beldroega, Cavalinha, Cerefólio, Confrei (sangue na urina), Manjericao, Salsa, Bardana, Funcho.
Útero Tanchagem.
Vermes Arruda, Artemísia, Caatinga de Mulata, Camomila, Hortelã.

Entenda-se consigo mesmo

Entenda-se consigo mesmo.

Se você se entende, não é nada a grande movimentação externa, os problemas que não mostram solução, as cargas negativas no trabalho ou na família, o futuro impreciso, a perda de afeições queridas e tudo mais.

Entender-se consigo mesmo é buscar no fundo de si, forças de paz e compreensão.
É ter convicção de não se abalar por nada, estar ciente de possuir um amor que anula as pressões indesejáveis.

Dentro de você estão todos os instrumentos de progresso.
Use-os como fazem os bons profissionais.
Sinta a sua capacidade.
Quando você se entende, nada tem poder negativo sobre você.

Lourival Lopes

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Aromatherapy Spray to Ease Your Mind

Aromatherapy Spray to Ease Your Mind - Formula More
Body, Mind & Spirit Solutions
Adapted from Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, by
Gabriel Mojay (Inner Traditions, 1997).
Most of us go through periodic bouts of worry and
stress, or times when our thoughts seem to go round
and round like a hamster wheel. Fortunately, there is
sweet-smelling relief close at hand.

Simple Solution:
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Find out which essential oils can help to settle your
mind, alleviating worry, obsessive overthinking, and
muddled anxiety. We'll also tell you how to make a
simple and effective spray that you can use just about
anywhere for soothing and comfort. You can even add it
to your house-cleaning sprays!

Essential oils of marjoram and chamomile help to quell
the worry of a mind under pressure and in need of
comfort. Camphoraceous and clarifying, yet sweet and
reassuring, marjoram oil is useful for hazy, fretful
states of mental fatigue. It helps to settle those who
feel they have no one to talk to, and must
consequently struggle with their worries on their own.
It's also good for those who tend to worry incessantly
about others.

Roman and German chamomile oils are for the
overthinking of the tense perfectionist, and for the
person who finds it difficult to "switch off" from

Clary sage is recommended for the type of overthinking
that seems from a tense and changeable search for
ideal solutions. Even when such a person has actually
made a decision, they worry if it is right and whether
they should change their mind.

Fennel oil's ability to encourage self-expression
benefits those whose tendency to worry is exacerbated
by a difficulty with communication. Thoughts and
concerns "ferment" because they have no positive

Patchouli oil, like vetiver, is rich and grounding,
restoring awareness of the body and senses. Earthy and
sweet, it is supportive to the Spleen, and always the
worry that comes of excessive mental strain. Like
coriander seed oil, patchouli gently stimulates the
Mind, and through its spicy warmth uplifts and
arouses. Patchouli and coriander are suitable for the
worry of the depressive, remote individual.

Lemon oil clears mental "congestion" -- the plethora
of thoughts that "bog down" the mind. Grapefruit
disperses the worry that comes from tension and

Geranium essential oil increases one's awareness of
the senses, helping to settle a restless and scattered
mind. It's indicated for people whose overthinking
stifles and obscures the emotions. It may be used to
encourage the capacity for receptivity and intuitive

Cardamom oil is effective for worry in all its forms,
grounding and inspiring contentment and tranquility.
Cardamom is uplifting and clarifying, benefiting
anxious, muddled, and depressive types.

Calming Mind Sprays

Place the oils in one cup of water in a spray bottle
and shake well. Spray in the air or on non-staining

For Obsessive Overthinking
4 drops sandalwood
2 drops vetiver

For Those Over-Preoccupied with Detail
3 drops frankincense
2 drops vetiver
1 drop lemon

For Those who are Over-Analytical and Detached
3 drops geranium
2 drops sandalwood
1 drop patchouli

Shop for Supplies:
Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit
Restoring emotional and mental balance with essential