domingo, junho 04, 2017

A free Virtual Event with Sandra Ingerman 7 June at 5:30pm pacific time

Discover Shamanic Journeying for Healing our World  

I know you are deeply concerned about the health and well being of your family, your community and our precious planet.

Because you're so sensitive to the suffering of others, it's easy to feel sad and even helpless...

The practice of shamanism helps to empower us to move to a state of hopefulness as we engage in spiritual practices and ceremonies that make a real impact on our family, loved ones, and all of life, and the Earth.

And the shamanic healing work and ceremonial work we do is successful when we do the work physically with others, but also can be done at a distance with the same results.

On June 7 I will share with you the practice of shamanic journeying for community and global healing - during a free virtual event, Shamanic Journeying for Collective Healing: How Shamanic Practices Can Heal Families, Communities & Nations.

You can reserve your free space here:

Shamanic healing ceremonies allow us to weave together threads of intention, peace, love, equality and harmony to support social change, bridge social divides and heal ancient rifts - even around issues that have gone unresolved for centuries.

Many people associate shamanism with personal healing, but similar practices can be applied to create shifts in challenging situations all the way up to the global level.

During this free virtual event, you'll discover ways you can begin to:  
  • Create the right structure and intention for collective healing work
  • Safely work on healing and blessing collective fields, as well as on toxic and troubled areas
  • Receive guidance from the unseen realms for people directly involved in community challenges
  • Utilize protection methods for yourself and others
  • Project strength, light and love instead of pity onto those going through difficult times
Please join me for an illuminating hour. It's free, but you must register here to receive access details: 
A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen live to the scheduled event.
This is a time on the planet when we must become spiritually and socially active to create the much needed healing for all of life to thrive.

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