sábado, fevereiro 16, 2008

Aromaterapia - Airborne viruses

By utilizing a room spray in the office or work area you can keep airborne
viruses and bacteria away, wiping phones or communal worktops with a
cleansing blend will again, help to keep illness away. Even diffusing a
blend of the oils mentioned below can help to keep the air clear at home.
Eucalyptus, Pine, Clove and Cinnamon make a wonderfully cleansing blend that
has a fresh, lively scent, useable anywhere!

Eucalyptus (Globulus or Radiata) - both are powerful expectorants and help
with respiratory problems
Manuka - a powerful decongestant, Anti-Histamine and expectorant
Hyssop - a good oil. Be aware that it has high keytone content so people
with Epilepsy and Pregnant women should avoid it.
Ravensara - an excellent, gentle oil (great for children and elderly
people). It is anti-inflammatory, an immune-stimulant and great for aches
and pains that go with the flu and colds.

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