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Ten Ways We Hinder the Law of Attraction

by Wendy Betterini

"Why isn't the Law of Attraction working for me?" This
cry of
frustration is uttered often by people who are
learning to
consciously create better lives using the Law of
Attraction. After
spending weeks trying to raise their vibration, focus
their minds
and bring forth a better reality, they can't
understand why they're
not seeing results. Or sometimes they'll see small
results which
gives them incentive to keep going, but they still
don't see
improvement where it REALLY counts.

Does this describe you? Have you raised your eyes to
the heavens
and demanded to know why the Law of Attraction isn't
working for
you? Or perhaps you've resigned yourself to one of
these deadly

"It seems to work for other people, but I just can't
get it right."
"I must be doomed to failure."
"I knew it wouldn't work, but at least I tried."
"I'm such an idiot; why do I keep getting sucked into
ridiculous schemes?"
"God must really hate me."

Well, wipe those destructive thoughts right out of
your mind!

Seriously, they won't serve you a bit, though I can
understand why
you're tempted to believe them - I've been there too!

Here's the good news: the Law of Attraction IS working
for you. It
works all the time, every time, without exception. If
you're not
seeing the results you want, the time has come to ask
yourself what
you're putting out there that is attracting similar
energy back
into your life.

Before you get angry at me for telling you you're
"doing it wrong,"
please understand that you're probably NOT doing it
wrong - but
there may be one or two things you're doing that are
resistance, which slows down your results.

Skim down this list of the most common ways we hinder
the Law of
Attraction from delivering what we want, and compare
them carefully
with your own habitual thoughts and feelings:

Do you have a clear vision of exactly what you want?
Perhaps you
aren't picky, you just want things to be "better" than
they are
now, whatever that ends up looking like. However, the
doesn't want you to settle for "something good," but
attract EXACTLY what you desire!

What do you desire? Take some time to think about the
facets of
your life. Think about your job, financial status,
health, body size, vehicle, residence, and more. Are
all of these
things an accurate reflection of what you would create
if you could
start over? Make a detailed list of EXACTLY what you
want to create
for yourself. Write down every tiny aspect you can
think of. Then
read this list frequently to keep your vision sharp
and clear in
your mind.

Do you REALLY believe you deserve the things on your
list? What
makes you so special that you deserve abundant health,
wealth and
happiness? That's not a rhetorical question. I'm
really asking,
what makes you so special? Don't have an answer? How
about this:
you exist. Someone breathed you into existence and
infused you with
all these desires, and for what? Why would your
desires exist if
you weren't meant to experience them?

Until you can understand just how special and unique
you truly are,
you might resist the abundance and joy the Universe is
you. Perhaps you feel guilty that others are
struggling, so you
keep yourself at a lower level so you don't make them
feel bad.
However, holding yourself back doesn't serve them, or
you. Embrace
your true worth as a human being and let it be a
shining example
for all to see. Empower others (and yourself) with the
that they too can create better lives.

Some of us have a skewed view of the Universe (or God,
if that term
resonates with you). From an early age, we're taught
that we have
to comply with certain guidelines and behavioral rules
- or else.
We see the Universe as some angry force that will
deliver a wrath
of misery upon us if we do something wrong. It's no
surprise that
most of us end up feeling like we're walking on
eggshells. We
actually EXPECT bad things to happen because we've
developed such a
negative view of the powers that be. We're afraid to
ask for what
we really want because we might be viewed as greedy,
ungrateful or
selfish. We're afraid to hope for something better
because we might
get a lightning bolt up the wazoo.

How about turning this belief around? We can just as
easily believe
in a loving Universe, one that wants us to do well, be
happy, and
feel abundant. Rather than approaching the Universe
with the
mind-set of a scolded child, why not step forward
confidently and
joyfully and claim ownership of what is already yours?
Believe me,
the Universe will applaud you for doing so, and reward
you beyond
your wildest dreams.

Even if you WANT to believe that the Law of Attraction
works, you might be holding back somewhat to protect
yourself from
disappointment. If you don't give it your "all," you
think it won't
hurt so badly when it doesn't work out. However, doubt
is like a
big old rubber doorstop that prevents the gateway of
from opening. You affirm, you visualize, you get
clear, and the
gate begins to swing inward, creating a crack through
shimmering golden light shines forth. You begin to
step forward
into your glorious new reality, when "bump!," -- oops,
never mind,
there's a doorstop there and the gap isn't big enough
to let you
through. Oh well, better luck next time.

Think of FAITH as the oil that keeps the hinges on the
gates of
prosperity operating smoothly. If you keep the hinges
and the gates free of any obstructions (doubts) - they
will swing
right open and you'll be dazzled by what you see on
the other side.

No matter how badly you want something, if you don't
believe it's
possible, you will resist it. Perhaps you've set some
lofty goals
for yourself, things that almost seem too good to be
true. Perhaps
you want to be a millionaire, but you're currently
earning $15,000
per year. Or you want to meet your soulmate, but you
long ago
convinced yourself that he or she doesn't exist.
Turning these
negative beliefs around is CRUCIAL to attracting your
For every limiting belief you hold, I want you to take
a blank
sheet of paper and come up with ten reasons why your
desires are
POSSIBLE. It's important to make the reasons
believable and
logical. For example, "It's possible for me to become
a millionaire
because other people have done it, and some of them
started with
less than what I have now!" Or, "It's possible that my
exists because I simply haven't met every person on
the planet yet.
He or she might be searching for me even as I search
for him/her!"
Keep repeating these reasons to yourself, until you
are absolutely
CONVINCED that your desires are indeed possible. It
may take time,
and it will certainly take lots of repetition, but the
your belief is, the more likely you are to attract the
end result
you desire.

Do your day-to-day thoughts, feelings, and actions
paint a very
different picture than the affirmations and
visualizations you
project? Are you affirming your financial prosperity
while at the
same time worrying about your bills? Both realities
CANNOT co-exist
in your life. Either you're prosperous, or you're not.
you're successful, or you're not. Either you're
healthy, or you're
besieged by aches and pains.

At every possible moment, you need to let go of your
old reality -
even if it means pretending that the symptoms of lack,
and illness do not exist. At the very beginning, it
will be a
challenge to do this fully, but if you keep at it day
after day,
repeatedly turning your attention to thoughts of
abundance, and joy, and focusing less on lack,
struggle, and
illness, you begin to shift your reality to what you
focus on the

Perhaps you're claiming to want something better, but
you also fear
it on a deeper level. If you want to be a best-selling
author but
you fear publicity and fame, guess what happens? You
resist the
formation of such a reality in your life because it
makes you
uncomfortable. If you want to be financially abundant
but you worry
about what others would think of you, resistance is
throughout your desire for more money. In effect,
you're asking for
something but also pushing it away at the same time.

One good way to overcome these fears is by facing them
on paper.
Ask yourself how you would handle people who thought
poorly of you
for being wealthy. "I'd tell them to mind their own
might be one response, or "Their opinions of me don't
affect my
life one way or the other" would work nicely also. If
you get clear
about your fears, you'll realize that most of them are
or irrelevant. Even the ones that hold merit, however,
can be
worked through and your resistance will dissolve in
the light of
clarity and purpose.

You watched the movie, "The Secret," or read a great
book about the
Law of Attraction, and now you're all fired up! You're
DETERMINED to change your life that you proceed full
steam ahead.
You begin religiously reciting affirmations and
meditations and visualizations and feeling good at
every possible
opportunity. After a week or two nothing has happened,
so you
increase the intensity of your efforts. You start
meditating not
just for 15 minutes a day, but for two hours a day.
affirmations become a litany of desperation to make
happen. Still no results, so you work harder, and
harder, and
HARDER at it - until finally you scream in
frustration, utterly
exhausted from trying so hard.

Lighten up! I know, that's easier said than done when
you're not
happy with your current reality. But seriously, the
harder you
"try," the worse it's going to get. Back off, relax,
and just let
it happen when it's going to happen. The more relaxed
and joyful
you can be about the process, the more quickly your
desires will
come forth. Read more about the process of "allowing,"
and learn
how to BE what you're trying to attract. It's a much
simpler way to
activate the Law of Attraction, and everything will
just FLOW
smoothly and easily. No force required. Really.

Speaking of frustration - it's yet another way we
hinder the Law of
Attraction. When we feel frustrated, we emit an
unmistakable signal
to the Universe that acts as a beacon to attract more
situations to
be frustrated about!

Remember the importance of FEELING GOOD! Why is it so
Because of the signal it puts out to the Universe. The
more you
feel good, the more you attract situations and
experiences that
will help you to feel good. I know it's challenging to
feel good
when things aren't going the way you want, but it's so
important to
do so anyway! I don't care if you have to slink off to
a private
place to be alone with your thoughts, or sit in a
movie theater to
watch a comedy, or go window shopping on your lunch
hour. FIND
things that make you feel good, and do them as often
as possible.
It is so, so, SO important! If you have a few moments
frustration here and there, don't sweat it too much,
just do what
you can to have MORE moments of feeling good than you
do of feeling
frustration. It will make an incredible difference.

And finally, the Number One way we hinder the Law of

Most of the people I hear uttering the weary cry above
(Why isn't
the Law of Attraction working for me?) haven't been
working at it
for long. Perhaps a few weeks, maybe even a few
months. Believe me,
I know the feeling of desperation to get things moving
in a more
positive direction, but it takes time!

Remember that we're constantly experiencing a RESIDUAL
effect of
our PAST thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It's
unrealistic (though
understandable) to want to change it all overnight.
But it's not
going to happen that quickly most of the time.

Sure, you might see small improvements here and there,
which can
make you feel like you're making progress. That's a
good thing!
Just don't despair if you seem to be moving in slow
motion through
unpleasant circumstances. You're not crazy, you're not
doomed to
failure, and you're not a complete idiot. The
transition you're
going through is completely normal.

Simply do what you can to stay positive and keep up
with the
activities that will attract something better in the
future. Be
gentle with yourself, and know that this too shall
pass. And in the
very near future, when you really begin to see this
force shifting
the circumstances of your reality before your eyes,
WOW - you'll be
so glad you stuck with it through the tough spots!

The journey is worth it in the end, believe that.

About the Author:
Wendy Betterini is a freelance writer specializing in
self-improvement and personal development concepts.
Visit her
website, http://www.WingsFor TheHeart. com for free
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