quarta-feira, maio 28, 2008

Aromaterapia - Decrease Appetite

Aromatherapy is very beneficial in helping to decrease appetite. It is
highly effective for those who are "comfort food" eaters. When a craving
comes on, and you know that you do not need to eat for your survival, but
want to eat out of boredom, depression, or another emotional reason, you can
satisfy the craving with Aromatherapy.
For a wonderful appetite controlling blend add 1 drop of Clary Sage, 1 drop
of Sandalwood, and 1 drop of Ylang Ylang essential oils and blend. If you
would like to make this into massage oil, add it to carrier oil and apply on
pressure points. It may be used in an inhalant for immediate relief of
cravings, in an Aromatic bath, or in the form of Aromatherapy candles.

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