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Aromatherapy Spray to Ease Your Mind

Aromatherapy Spray to Ease Your Mind - Formula More Body, Mind & Spirit Solutions
Adapted from Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, by Gabriel Mojay (Inner Traditions, 1997).
Most of us go through periodic bouts of worry and stress, or times when our thoughts seem to go round and round like a hamster wheel. Fortunately, there is sweet-smelling relief close at hand.

Simple Solution:

Find out which essential oils can help to settle your mind, alleviating worry, obsessive overthinking, and muddled anxiety. We'll also tell you how to make a simple and effective spray that you can use just about anywhere for soothing and comfort. You can even add it to your house-cleaning sprays!

Essential oils of marjoram and chamomile help to quell the worry of a mind under pressure and in need of comfort. Camphoraceous and clarifying, yet sweet and reassuring, marjoram oil is useful for hazy, fretful states of mental fatigue. It helps to settle those who feel they have no one to talk to, and must consequently struggle with their worries on their own. It’s also good for those who tend to worry incessantly about others.

Roman and German chamomile oils are for the overthinking of the tense perfectionist, and for the person who finds it difficult to “switch off” from work.

Clary sage is recommended for the type of overthinking that seems from a tense and changeable search for ideal solutions. Even when such a person has actually made a decision, they worry if it is right and whether they should change their mind.

Fennel oil’s ability to encourage self-expression benefits those whose tendency to worry is exacerbated by a difficulty with communication. Thoughts and concerns “ferment” because they have no positive outlet.

Patchouli oil, like vetiver, is rich and grounding, restoring awareness of the body and senses. Earthy and sweet, it is supportive to the Spleen, and always the worry that comes of excessive mental strain. Like coriander seed oil, patchouli gently stimulates the Mind, and through its spicy warmth uplifts and arouses. Patchouli and coriander are suitable for the worry of the depressive, remote individual.

Lemon oil clears mental “congestion” -- the plethora of thoughts that “bog down” the mind. Grapefruit disperses the worry that comes from tension and frustration.

Geranium essential oil increases one’s awareness of the senses, helping to settle a restless and scattered mind. It’s indicated for people whose overthinking stifles and obscures the emotions. It may be used to encourage the capacity for receptivity and intuitive insight.

Cardamom oil is effective for worry in all its forms, grounding and inspiring contentment and tranquility. Cardamom is uplifting and clarifying, benefiting anxious, muddled, and depressive types.

Calming Mind Sprays

Place the oils in one cup of water in a spray bottle and shake well. Spray in the air or on non-staining surfaces.

For Obsessive Overthinking
4 drops sandalwood
2 drops vetiver

For Those Over-Preoccupied with Detail
3 drops frankincense
2 drops vetiver
1 drop lemon

For Those who are Over-Analytical and Detached
3 drops geranium
2 drops sandalwood
1 drop patchouli

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