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5 Magic Mind Switches For Attracting All Your Desires (Part 3 and 4)

Part 3

The Third Magic Mind Switch - "Today I Am"

This switch allows you to transform yourself by activating the characteristics you wish you had. Be more positive, charming, kind, generous, happy, enthusiastic, and whatever else you desire.

Ever wish you had a little boost of confidence? Maybe you've wished you were more charismatic, enthusiastic, generous, kind, or patient? Perhaps you'd like to be a better speaker, salesman, or leader? This switch is designed to give you a little extra boost toward being who you want to be.

This third switch is called, "Today I Am". Here's how it works. At the beginning of each day and at odd moments throughout the day, write at the top of a peace of paper "Today I Display The Following Traits With Great Power and Frequency". Then begin to write "I Am" statements. I am confident, I am enthusiastic, I am positive & upbeat, I am patient, I am kind, I am well liked, I am happy, I am strong, I am sophisticated, I am highly respected and desired, I am feeling great, I am a great salesman, I am a confident leader, I am.......

Write the statements over and over until you begin to feel you have the traits you desire. You can do this by writing many different statements or by just repeating the same statement over and over until you begin to feel like you have the trait you desire. End your list with this statement, "Dear Highest Power in the Universe, grant me to be at my best all day long and help me to bring out the best in others in everything I do".

You can turn on this switch whenever you have a few free minutes. While waiting in a lobby or while on a long conference call. The point being, you can give yourself a boost anytime you need to. This switch has greatly increased power when practiced right after you turn on the first and second switches first thing in the morning.

"I am" statements are also quit powerful when spoken out loud. Vocalize your "I am" statements while driving or in other private places. You probably don't want to do it within earshot of others however, unless you don't mind ridicule or baffled looks.

"I AM" statements are very effective at boosting your mind into a powerfully productive mode. Try both the written and the verbal versions of this switch and take note of how it energizes you, and improves your entire day.

Part 4

The Fourth Magic Mind Switch - "Sit Up Straight and Change Your Clothes"

If you want to feel healthier, stronger, and more sure of yourself, adjust your posture and spruce up your appearance.

How are you sitting write now? Are you sitting up straight, feeling confident, ready to devour knowledge? Or are you slumped back into a chair, unmotivated, relaxed to the point of being almost asleep?

However you're sitting right now, go and change your posture to the exact opposite. Take a mental note of how your posture makes you feel. Slumpy sleepy posture makes you think and feel one way where as sitting up straight with shoulders back and eyes ahead gives you a completely different feeling and energy. You can instantly change the way you feel by changing your posture.

Your appearance has a similar affect. When you shower, shave and put on nice clothes you feel one way. If you are not shaven, not showered and dressed in your grubbies you feel a different way.

Change your appearance and change the way you feel. You may be surprised just how much difference it makes to your attitude to assume a positive energetic posture and to keep your appearance at it's best.

Turn on this switch by doing the following. For the next seven days, dress and prepare yourself to present your best appearance, keep your posture positive and energetic. Sit up straight, stand tall, walk briskly, speak confidently. Whenever you catch yourself in a less than desirable posture quickly change into something more positive.

I believe it was Shakespeare who said, "Assume the virtue if you have it not". Think of the most desirable, confident, positive, energetic person you can and assume their posture and mannerisms. Act as though you are the person you want to be. Let your posture say "I am positive, healthy, confident and energetic".

Take note of how this powerful switch makes you feel and enjoy the improved thinking and feeling that comes with it.

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