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10 Effective Ways to Live a Simpler Life

Hope your week is off to a good start!

One of the best things I have done for myself and for the people in my life over the
last few years is to make my life simpler.

It gives me more time and energy for what is most important. I am less stressed.
And it makes my life happier.

So I'd like to start this week with sharing 10 small and big ways that you can make
your life simpler this year.

I hope you find something that inspires and resonates with you among these

1. Eat slower. Make your lunch time a time of relaxation rather than a time to
just add to the stress of your morning. Try putting down the fork between bites to
slow down the eating.

2. Write shorter emails. 1-5 sentences is often enough.

3. Write emails only once a day. Batch and process them all at once all the
way to an empty inbox.

4. Learn about ways to keep stress down and try them out. Examples
would be mindfulness, setting human standards for yourself and saying no. A few
such habits can help you to drastically cut down on the stress in your life.

5. Give everything its home. Then you know where to put the item when you
have used it. You'll know where to find it when you need it again. And you'll
reduce the clutter in your home or work space.

6. Slow down and enjoy and pay attention to what is actually
happening today. Instead of just rushing through the day and always on to the
next thing.

7. Spend more time with people who make life simpler. And less time
with people who make life unnecessarily complicated.

8. Look for advice from people who have been where you are. Learn
from people who have been in the situation you are in and had the challenge you
are having.

9. Break a task down into smaller and actionable pieces. Single-task that
first piece until it is done. Then do the same with the next piece. And so on.

10. Stop trying to please everyone. There will always be people who you
don't get along with or that do not like you for some reason.

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