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10 Great Reasons to Take a Shamanic Journey

A Shamanic Journey is a healing practice in which the person undertakes a journey in imagination during which help is sought from spirit helpers or spirit guides.

With some general guidelines and the right tools anyone with a desire can take a Shamanic Journey and return with much that can help them navigate the physical world. Cultures all over the world have developed journeying techniques to help people solve any problem imaginable. Some of the top reasons people take a Shamanic Journey include....

1) Clarification of Life Purpose: How many of us go about life knowing that we are on the wrong path? How many people live with an inner sense of uneasiness that keeps them knowing that something isn't quite right? A Shamanic Journey can help shed light on our true Purpose, and can help us move into a state of ease and confidence as we take what we learn and move into a path of ease and power.

2) Assistance with Physical Healing: A Shamanic Journey can be used to shed light on what is holding a physical issue in place, and it can also provide clues as to what is needed for full healing to take place.

3) Discover and Remove Blocks to Abundance: Confused by what is holding evidence of Lack in your life? You can use the Shamanic Journey to identify its cause and what it will take to allow abundance to flow.

4) Not Sure which Path to Take? Do you have a decision between two colleges? Not sure which job to take or what city to move too? A Shamanic Journey is a great way to learn which path leads to your next Highest and Best version of your-self.

5) Healing a Relationship: You haven't spoken to your Mother in 6 months? You aren't sure why you and your mate are fighting every day? I expect you will be amazed by what you learn when you take the desire to heal an important relationship into your journey.

6) To Attract A New Relationship: Looking for your Soul Mate? Your Twin Flame? The partner you want to do the rest of your life with? A Shamanic Journey is a great place to begin the search.

7) To Reconnect with Your Ancestors: You will meet many on your journeys, including those you love who have since left their bodies. If you go into your journey with the intention of spending time with those who have passed than there is a great chance that they will come to meet you.

8) To Bring More Peace into Your Life: You can use your Shamanic Journey to discover ways to bring more Peace (or Happiness, or Fun, or (fill in the blanks) into your life. Remember that each journey is limited only by your intention and you will soon realize that you can utilize this powerful technique to improve every aspect of your life.

9) To Assist Another: Yes - you can take another person's concerns into a Shamanic Journey and return with information that can assist them. You cannot, however, ever walk another person's path, and a Personal Journey will always be the most powerful. That said, perhaps the most powerful reason to Journey is...

10) To Serve the World: We are here 100% to create our best life and 100% to be of service (if this confuses you take some time to think about it and you will realize that they are one in the same). A very powerful intention for a Journey is to learn in what ways you can be of greater service to the planet and all its inhabitants.

Ok, now that you have an idea of what can be accomplished within a Shamanic Journey the next step is to learn how to take one. A quick google search will reveal that there is no one way to take a Shamanic Journey - and that some would have you believing that you need intense training and years of practice before you can take a successful one.

Taken from the Mind Body Spirit Music System's User Guide.

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