segunda-feira, agosto 27, 2007

The Key to Freedom and Creation

You are infinitely creative. You have within you the ability to create anything you can imagine, and more. Yes, more, for when you allow yourself to ride the flow, you will find that there is much, much more than you could ever imagine. When you allow yourself to lift into your own boundless energy, you will unleash immeasurable power.

Too often, you are walking through life with heavy weights chained to your legs, keeping you held to the ground and moving very slowly indeed. And these weights are made of fear and doubt, like great leaden anvils chained to your ankles.

And now, I give you the golden key to unlock these chains. The key is love. Here, I hand it to you now. And all you need to do is bend down and unlock these lead weights of fear and doubt. Just take this key of love and step out from those chains. Here them clanking down to the ground, off your ankles at last.

Love is the key. Love is the answer.

Love your life. Love the people in your life. Embrace everything that you are with love. Embrace everything that you do with love. Right now, this moment, fill your heart so full of love that it overflows, overflows and becomes a stream of love that flows, that flows so strongly through your life that it lifts even those lead anvils and carries them away, far away, so that you might never have to live with them again.

And what can you do and be now? Now that you are floating on a stream of love, gliding across life without worry and anxiety, gliding easily with a heart full of joy and love, what might you do now?

Why, anything and everything. You are the creator of your life. You are riding on the flow of grace. You are lifted by your own infinite capacity to love. You are love itself and the world moves with your every breath.

Here is a prayer for today

I take this golden, shining key of love in my hand and unlock my chains. I free myself completely. I am light. I am free. I am grace boundless and endless. I am floating free on the flow of love and goodness that runs through my heart and through this life.

I am the creator and the creation. I am power unending. I am love and light. I am.

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