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Clearing Karma exercise you can do on your own

Karma is a word that is used now and then by students of meditation.
Originating in the Indian language Sanskrit, karma (rhymes with
dharma, as in "Dharma and Greg") refers to your life at this very
moment. To change your life, whether to make space for something new
to enter or something old to leave, you must erase your karma.

Karma and manifestation are two sides of the same coin, in a sense.
In order to manifest, i.e. bring something new into your life, you
must make a place for it. Because there are only have so many things
that we can have in our lives, you make room for new things by
releasing old things.

Here is a way to think about this. Say you enjoy live music and want
to manifest more live music in your life. If your schedule is already
full and it is difficult to make time to attend concerts, you will
need to really evaluate your day-to-day tasks to determine how you
will make time to hear music. It might come down to giving up another
enjoyable activity. If you continue with your schedule as it is, you
experience one karma. If you swap music listening for another
activity, you will experience a different karma.

So, this leads us to a definition of karma. For our purposes karma is
what you do. Karma is your job. Karma is your friends. Karma is
whether you wake up anticipating or dreading the day ahead. Karma is
what you eat for lunch.

The following steps describe a technique for erasing karma.

1. Sit quietly

2. Imagine that your throat is a blue color. See your blue throat.

3. Think of what you want to erase from your life (e.g. credit card
debts, low self-esteem, poverty consciousness) .

4. Chant Thiru Neela Kantum (tih-ru nee-la khan-tum) while
visualizing your blue throat and the part of your life you want to

5. Repeat the chant for about 10-15 minutes. As you continue
chanting, imagine that your throat gradually turns darker and darker
blue, until it is almost black.

For this chant to work, most people will find that they need to
repeat it. Change happens gradually. Try repeating this meditation
every day for a month to erase the karma you want to remove.

This technique works! The editors have heard amazing success stories.
One woman explained that she was able to leave an abusive
relationship after working with this mantra.

Below is the site where I got this exercise from. I do have this
site in the links section under Meditation for Life, but here is the
direct link if you are interested in seeing it:


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