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Flowers Of The Soul

Flowers that call to our Soul
By Laureen Rama

With the re-emergence around the world of soul retrieval techniques, it seemed to me that the world was ready to reclaim its lost soul, and that people should be able to reclaim lost soul qualities for themselves. I also felt that much could be done to prevent the soul wounding that takes place, if people were only conscious of how their behaviour and thoughts could wound themselves and others.

I began giving variations on a talk about soul retrieval and preventing soul wounding and suggested that people put out a strong intention to reclaim a specific soul quality in whatever way worked for them - journaling, ritual focusing thoughts; to continue broadcasting this intention, and to pay attention to what happened. I started getting feedback that people had done so and were feeling soul qualities returning - for some immediately, and for others over a few days or longer.

In 1999, I was invited to another province to teach a week-long shamanic healing training course. The hostess of the retreat centre was Virginia Graham-Smith, a lovely woman who made her own flower essences and herbal remedies from her garden and the surrounding forest. We immediately warmed to each other and I was hoping to have some time alone with her to learn from her. Well only one student showed up for the class and so I did! It seemed the divine had been at work to make this opportunity happen.

Flower essences are the spiritual, vibrational, energetic essence of a plant captured in water and preserved, usually with alcohol. Flower essences are generally taken internally but can be used in other ways, such as adding them to a bath, rubbing them on the skin and putting them into sprays.

Flower essences work to heal us by supporting us in shifting our vibration, our energy. Everything in the universe is vibrating at a certain frequency. Emotions, diseases, and soul qualities have a certain vibrational frequency too. When we come into contact with a flower essence, just like a guitar string near a vibrating tuning fork, those parts of us that vibrate at the same frequency as the flower essence are activated and can express themselves.

Over time, we become entrained to activating these parts of ourselves, and do not need the support of the flower essence as much. At first though, it is best to take a little bit of flower essence frequently, at least four times a day. As with homeopathic remedies, just a tiny bit of the flower's energy is needed to help shift us vibrationally.

The higher the vibration, generally the more refined and beautiful the feeling and expression. Flowers contain the highest vibration of the plant and they support us in expressing our most spiritual and beautiful qualities. Roses are said to have among the highest vibration on the planet (along with some crystals). I have roses at my workshops and trade show booths and they make a huge contribution. I feel their loving support, their absorption of negativity , and feel elevated in their presence.

As flower essences are vibrational, they are also affected in the creation by the intention and energy with which they are made. Some makers of vibraitonal essences imbue the water simply with intention and call in the energy of specific being, not using physical flower, or other tangibles at all. Vibrational essences can be made from almost anything; I've seen and heard of vibrational essences made of crystals, gemstones, colours, sea and beach creatures, power animals, the energy of stars, and I made one of the energy of vision questing.

This is an extract from 'flowers that call to our soul' written by Laureen Rama and it appeared in Issue 46, Autumn 2004 of Sacred Hoop magazine.

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