quinta-feira, novembro 08, 2007

Crystal Links

Hi Everyone!Another great site from our links section: This site is called "Crystal Links" and has an excellent explanation as to what our Chakras are and how to tap into their energies. There are excellent diagrams which show the parallel of the Chakras and our endocrine system. Th An excellent chart that shows you how music notes effects our Chakras. Crystal Bowls, an explanation of Kundalini, what is yoga and how is it important, the Love Connection,(site menu as follows) Ancient and Lost Civilizations, Astronomy & Related Mythology, Audio Classes, Meditations, Initiations, Conspiracies & Mystery Schools, Creation - Various Theories, Crystals, Extraterrestrials & UFO's, Healing & Energy, Health & Research, Interviews, Meditations With Music, Physical Sciences - Alchemy, Planet Earth, Prophets & Prophecies, Psychic & Spiritual Development, Sacred Places & Teachings, Social Sciences, and The Other Side. All for free.
Enjoy investigating this site.http://www.crystali nks.com/chakras. html

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