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A Course in Crystals

A Course in Crystals:
Preparing to Facilitate
Crystal Healing

By Joysprite - The Crystal Lady

The first time I laid crystals and stones on another
person was in a crystal store where I worked for a
short time before Wisdom Crystals came into physical
being. My coworker, Lorien, was a wonderful and
willing guinea pig, and on slow afternoons she would
lie on the floor in a quiet corner of the store and I
would place crystals and stones on and around body.
Often I would use a healing wand to work the energy
around her body and in her chakras. Her job was to
enjoy the attention and to report what feelings -
physical and emotional - she experienced. Once word
got out what we were doing, there was no shortage of
volunteers. What I gained from those initial
experiences was that crystals really do create
positive physical and emotional responses in
individuals when used in layouts and grids on and
around the body.

I also learned that I got much better results and was
better able to discern energy shifts if I was
energetically clear and grounded before I started
working. Being grounded and having the chakras clear
and flowing with energy is important for optimum
healing facilitation. I equate it energetically to
working in the attic and then the garden and then
coming in all sweaty and grubby and choosing to take a
bath and put on clean clothing before attending the
opera. We clean our bodies and put on clean and
appropriate clothing before we go to important events.
Energetically we should do the same thing before we
attend a healing facilitation. There are several
things I have found to be helpful to this end, for a
healing session as well as for overall everyday
energetic balance.

Grounding the Energy

It is important to always be fully grounded when doing
any spiritual and/or healing work. One simple way to
ground one's self is to imagine a great root, like a
strong tree root, growing from the base of your spine
(or growing from each of your feet) and extending deep
into the Earth all the way to the its core, where it
can be attached to something meaningful. I like
attaching my grounding cord to a beautiful golden
healer crystal at the Earth's core. What this does is
put you totally into your physical body so you can be
attuned to receiving information about the events and
people around you. You can ground yourself as many
times a day as you feel necessary. When you desire to
re-ground, mentally melt, blow up, or disintegrate the
old grounding cord and grow a new one. In this way you
can always remain well grounded no matter where you
are or what you are doing.

Quick Chakra Sweep

A quick and easy way to clear and align chakras is
with an energy chakra sweep. To do this, grow your
grounding cord and start the flow of healing energy by
expressing your intent with a statement such as, "I
desire to receive and move energy now." Once the
energy flow is activated, place your left hand over
your crown chakra at the top of your head, place your
right hand over your brow chakra and allow the energy
to flow there for about two minutes. Then move to the
throat chakra, the heart, solar plexus, belly, and
root chakras, allowing a couple of minutes for each

If you become aware of any discordant energy in any
chakra you can release it easily by growing a tube
next to your grounding cord and flushing the energy
down the tube into the Earth's core for
transformation. After you have completed the root
chakra, leave your hands over the crown and root
chakras and allow the energy to flow up and down
between your hands through your entire chakra system
for a couple of minutes. Sometimes it feels like
little energy spirals are bouncing back and forth
between your hands. When you feel that the process is
complete blow up your grounding cord and grow a new
one. This is an exercise that can easily be done every

A Crystal Healer's Tool Box

Just as a doctor has a medical bag, and an electrician
or plumber has a tool bag, a crystal healing
facilitator has his or her own set of tools that have
special purposes in ceremony and in healing. There are
a number of excellent stones that one can choose for a
healing "tool chest," and many are reasonably
inexpensive. Most people who enjoy and collect
crystals and other minerals already know that the
perfect stones will present themselves if the desire
is put out to the universe. Keep in mind that you may
find very different purposes and healing qualities for
a crystal or mineral that are activated when you
personally create your own stone layouts for yourself
or for others. I suggest you meditate upon your
favorite stones to find what qualities your energy
brings out in them and then take good notes for future
reference. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Amber is a stone of manifestation and good luck. It
combines the purifying effect of the sun and the
transmuting energy of the earth to create a powerful
healing and manifesting tool. Amber clears discordant
energy, and it draws out and transforms physical
diseases. 2nd chakra. Leo and Sagittarius. Mercury.

The Metamorphosis Stone. Amethyst heals at all levels
of body, mind, and spirit, cleansing restructuring and
renewing. It transforms lower energies into higher,
and it protects one against psychic manipulation.
Amethyst also helps heal arthritis, hearing problems,
and bones. It is an excellent stone for those fighting
addictions. 6th chakra. Pisces. Jupiter, Pluto.

Apache Tears
Apache Tears is traditionally a mourning stone of
Native American women. It provides comfort in times of
grief, and helps one to let go and release that which
requires releasing. Apache tears helps one to become
more comfortable and self-forgiving. It also helps one
to remove limiting beliefs in order to move forward.
Apache Tears help alleviate muscle spasms and aid
elimination of toxins and infection from the body. 4th
and 5th chakra. Aries. Pluto.

Aventurine heals the heart and soul, surrounding the
user in love and protection. It balances masculine and
feminine energies, enhances creativity and leadership,
and it assists one in making the best decisions.
Aventurine is useful in healing the heart, lungs, and
adrenals. 4th Chakra. Aries. 1 and 4 vibration. Venus.

Bloodstone is the stone of courage, vitality, and,
strength. Helps user to remain in the NOW, while
removing obstacles, and bringing honesty and integrity
to one's relationships. Bloodstone heals the lungs,
and heart. It helps clear eyesight and eliminates
blood disorders. 1st chakra. Aries. Earth.

The Stone of Ambition. Carnelian inspires a positive
attitude, motivation and confidence, revealing and
stimulating the use of one's personal talents. It
reminds one to remain in the NOW, and it protects one
from negative emotions. Carnelian also helps heal
asthma and blood pressure problems. 2nd chakra. Aries.
Saturn, Earth.

Calcite is an important energy field amplifier. It is
found in a variety of colors and each color can be
used to clear and activate the associated chakra.
Calcite brings forward the body's blueprint of
perfection. When clear or gold calcite is applied to
the crown area, it clears and opens the entire
energetic field and pathways. Calcite balances
assimilation of calcium and helps eliminate disease
states in the pancreas, kidneys and spleen. All
chakras. Cancer.

Calcite is a stone of angelic love, inner peace, hope,
and harmony. It balances yin and yang energies and
attunes the mind to higher frequencies. Celestite
opens one to communication with the mystic and
improves comprehension of information received. It is
also useful in improving eyesight, hearing, and
overall mental health. 5th, 6th, 7th chakras. Gemini.

The Stone of Wealth. Citrine opens and activates the
solar-plexus and navel chakras, bringing personal
power and the ability to manifest into alignment with
one another. It improves endurance, mental focus and
control of emotions. Citrine also helps improve
digestion and circulation. 2nd and 3rd chakras. Aries.
Mercury, Mars.

The Stone of Discernment. Fluorite clears away
illusion, increases concentration and clarity and
brings order from chaos on the physical mental
emotional and spiritual planes. Fluorite cleanses and
harmonizes the systems and promotes excellent health.
It is also helpful in healing viral infections,
tumors, and repairing DNA. 6th chakra. Pisces.

A good luck stone, garnet awakens one's creativity. It
promotes a sense of love and passion for self and
others. Garnet regenerates and balances the body while
it draws discordant energy away from the chakras.
Garnet helps alleviate depression and anemia and aids
in the removal of toxins. 1st chakra. Capricorn, Leo.
Pluto, Mars.

The Mind Mastery Stone. Hematite promotes clarity,
balance, calm, and reason while dissolving discordant
energy and transforming it into love energy. reason.
It helps one to create peaceful and loving
relationships. Hematite improves one's ability to
remember in a photographic way, and enhances all
memory strategies. Hematite is very grounding and is
useful in healing, tumors and anemia. 6th, 7th
chakras. Aries. Saturn.

Herkimer Diamond
Known as the Dream Crystal, Herkimer diamond helps one
to see the truth within the dream. It is a psychic
attunement tool that can help in self-actualization.
It can also be used as a transmitting crystal to
deliver messages of love and healing to another at a
distance. Herkimer diamond also cleanses the chakras,
protects one from radiation and detoxifies the body.
6th and 7th chakra. Sagittarius. Uranus.

Jade is the stone of divine and unconditional love. It
balances the emotions, dispels negativity, and
intensifies dreams. It is believed to increase both
fertility and longevity, while promoting clarity,
modesty, courage, justice and wisdom. Jade strengthens
the heart, kidneys and immune system, and cleanses the
blood. The color of jade can be chosen to match the
chakra color. Venus, Neptune.

Jasper is a very nurturing and grounding stone valued
by shamans for personal use, protection and sacred
practice. It protects one during astral travel and
brings the energy of the sun to rejuvenate and
strengthen the body. Jasper helps in the process of
tissue regeneration. 1st, 2nd chakras. Leo.

Kyanite attunes the user to very high vibrations that
instantly align and clear all chakras energy fields.
It creates a powerful bridge between mind and matter
for the purposes of manifestation. Blue kyanite is
excellent for improving one's ability to communicate
truthfully and effectively. It is an excellent stone
for meditation, and it helps improve glandular
function. 6th chakra. Taurus. Neptune, Pluto.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli was used by ancient Egyptians to access
sacred knowledge and is considered to be a psychic
enhancement tool. It cleanses the mind body and spirit
of toxins and negativity, promotes a state of
perfection, and encourages integrity in relationships.
Lapis Lazuli is also known to strengthen the immune
system. 6th chakra. Sagittarius, Aries. Venus,

Lepidolite is known as the Sedative Stone. It provides
highly nurturing energy to create relaxation and
calmness. Lepidolite also brings up old behaviors for
adjustment, assisting one through the resulting
transitions with an optimistic attitude. It also heals
sore muscles and relieves fatigue. 3rd and 6th
chakras. Libra.

The Stone of Transformation. Malachite is a powerful
healing stone that directly absorbs illnesses. It
strengthens intuition and aids manifestation.
Malachite can also help one to determine the root
cause of a problem and provide clarity regarding
actions to be taken. Malachite protects one from
radiation. 4th chakra. Capricorn. Venus.

Stone of Ascension. Moldavite was created by collision
of Earth matter with off world matter (meteors, etc.).
Plucky and powerful moldavite channels laser beams of
energy for healing attunes the user for vibrational
transformation and interdimensional communication.
5th, 6th, 7th chakras. Scorpio. Pluto.

"Stone of the Goddess." Moonstone balances the
emotions, improves intuition and aids in the
manifestation of wishes. A stone of motherly love,
support, encouragement, it promotes rebirth and
supports new beginnings. Moonstone absorbs pain and
illness, regenerates tissues and organs, heals
reproductive system. 4th chakra. Cancer. Moon.

Obsidian is a protective stone, shielding against
negativity and negative environments. Obsidian is an
excellent grounding stone that stabilizes internal and
external energies to protect the physical and
emotional bodies. It brings up personal issues to be
healed and released and facilitates that process. It
also helps one to see the cause of disease as well as
how to heal it. Obsidian is favored by psychics for
its use in soul retrieval and for its access to many
dimensions. 1st chakra. Sagittarius.

The Universal Amplifier of Vibration, amplifying,
focusing, storing and transforming all types of
energy. It improves psychic perception, clears and
activates the energy centers of the body, and purifies
the mental, spiritual and physical bodies. Quartz is a
stone of manifestation, focused healing and
empowerment. It is also useful in communicating with
plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. All chakras. All
signs. All numbers. Uranus.

Rhodochrosite promotes a state of love and equilibrium
and inspires a healthy love of self and Earth. It is a
powerful Earth healing stone, balancing male and
female energies, and helping one to expand
consciousness and awareness. 1st, 2nd, and 4th
chakras. Scorpio. Mercury.

Rose Quartz
"Stone of Universal Love." Rose Quartz gently heals
emotional pain and opens the heart to the beauty
within and without. Balances Yin and Yang. It attracts
angelic energies, balances Yin and Yang, protects one
from and dissolves negativity. 4th chakra. Taurus and
Libra. Venus

"The Lightworker Stone." Selenite can help one access
past and future lives during meditation. It provides
one with intuitive understanding of dysfunction within
the body as well as the intent to heal it. Selenite is
a stone of universal love and transformation,
disbursing negativity and offering its cleansing
powers to anything it is applied to. It is excellent
for cleansing other stones. Selenite aligns and clears
the spinal column and helps heal terminal illnesses.
7th and 8th chakras. Taurus, Scorpio. Moon.

Sugilite is the stone of self-healing and
manifestation. It opens all chakras and facilitates
the movement of the Kundalini. It also helps one to
recognize spiritual gifts and facilitates the
expression of those gifts, bringing a sense of
freedom, confidence and inspiration. Sugilite is good
for headaches and is helpful in healing cancer. 6th
and 7th chakras. Virgo.

Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye is an excellent grounding stone. It
harmonizes and balances the emotions, bringing order
out of chaos, and promoting clarity and focus of the
mind. Tiger Eye enhances psychic abilities, attracts
beauty and abundance, and fosters practical wisdom. It
helps heal wounds, bruises, eyes and throat. 5th
chakra. Capricorn. Mercury, Earth. Mars.

Tourmaline clears and stimulates the body's energy
centers while bringing healing power to the user. It
balances chakras as well as the left and right
hemispheres of the brain. Tourmaline can help one to
experience the state of being part of universal spirit
and can bring insight during difficult times. It
activates chakras of like color. Libra. Venus

Turquoise is the connection between Father Sky and
Mother Earth. It cleanses and heals the body's energy
centers, aligns the chakras, heals the spirit, and
brings peace of mind. Turquoise is helpful in
developing psychic power, promoting all forms of
communication, and is useful for grounding and
attunement. It is a master healing stone that protects
and blesses its user, and has long been used by
shamans for healing and to bring rain. 5th chakra.
Sagittarius. Venus, Moon.

Hopefully this preliminary list of stones will
stimulate your mind and intuition and motivate you to
get out there and find the perfect stones for your own
crystal healing "tool chest." You may find many other
stones not listed here that you resonate with and can
utilize in your personal style of crystal healing
facilitation. Gather together your stones and crystals
and get them cleansed, cleared and ready for work,
because next month's article will be all about
facilitating a healing session.

* * * * * * * *

Joysprite - otherwise known as The Crystal Lady - is a
Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Facilitator, NLP
Practitioner and Mom of three beautiful children. Her
own personal crystal path began in West Texas and is
continuing in Ocean Beach, California, where she is
the owner of Wisdom Crystals.

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