segunda-feira, janeiro 28, 2013

15 ways to make your life simpler

1. Mix things up. Try the opposite. Have the vegetarian dish if you always go
for the meat. Walk away from a stupid conflict instead of making it worse. Let one
thing go if you often cling to things. Make a habit of mixing things up to grow your
life in small or bigger ways. And to make it easier and simpler to step out of your
comfort zone in general when you really need to.

2. Get up 20 minutes earlier. This will help you to reduce stress in the
morning and during the rest of the day.

3. Be 10 minutes early for meetings and appointments. This will help you
to make your time of travel a time of rest and relaxation instead of stressful. And
you will not be late.

4. Single-task. You be more focused, less stressed and get to done more quickly.
So do one thing at a time and do it with your full attention.

5. Ask yourself: am I keeping things extremely simple? If not, figure out
how you can do that in the situation you are in.

6. Ask yourself: will this matter 5 years from now? Or even 5 weeks from
now? Do this to avoid making mountains out of molehills.

7. Learn a few recipes and cook. You'll save money and probably eat

8. When you cook, cook more than you'll eat. This will help you to spend
less time on cooking and washing dishes. And you'll have an extra dinner or two to
just reheat when you don't have time or energy to cook.

9. Write things down. Pretty much everyone's memory is leaky. So help
yourself. Write down what you need to do or shop for today. Write down what
your top 4 priorities in life are and post that note where you can see it every day.

10. Remember that life is larger than you may think it is. You do not
know everything and you are not always right. Remembering this makes it easier
for me to learn things, to accept other viewpoints, to create changes and to stay
more open.

11. Risk making mistakes. Learn from them. Then do again with that helpful
new experience and knowledge in mind.

12. Do what YOU really, really, really want to do. Do not get stuck in
trying to live someone else's dream.

13. Go grocery shopping once a week. You'll save money and time if you
make the effort to plan for a week and to shop for it all at once.

14. Go grocery shopping when you not hungry. You'll buy more healthy
food instead of impulse buying yourself through the store.

15. Enjoy the simple pleasures. An apple, the latest episode of your favorite
show, fresh and clean bed sheets, a hug and kiss, holding hands, the sun and
blossoming nature after a long and cold winter.


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