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The Top 10 Steps for Success and Fulfillment

Break through your blocks, unleash your potential, find
peace of mind and freedom, and make a difference by using
these top keys for success and fulfillment. If you're really
serious about change, follow these 10 key steps:

1) Develop personal discipline - It takes discipline --
commitment, effort and time -- to learn and grow and change.
We often know what is best for us, but then stay with old
ways because they are familiar. Change requires that we pass
through a stage of discomfort until we adjust to new ways of
being. Learn to focus your mind and your time on your goals,
and to persevere until you succeed. Master willpower and you
can master anything.

2) Master time management principles - Get the very most
from your time. Continually evaluate whether what you are
doing serves your greatest purpose. Value your time and your
life as priceless commodities. Own your power to live your
life your way.

3) Tap the power of daily journaling - All you need to know
-- all the answers and the wisdom you could ever need --
lies within you. And journaling offers the best tool to
access that wisdom.

4) Set meaningful goals - Goals help us identify what we
want, set priorities, create action plans and attain
results. As you plot targets and achieve them, you will take
control of your life. Your self-esteem, happiness and
fulfillment will grow. Success breeds success.

5) Stimulate your creativity to expand your options - Every
mind is creative. All you need is the training and practice
to get your mind working in new and different ways. With
enhanced creativity, you will solve problems faster and more
easily, and have more fun doing it!

6) Develop your awareness and intuition - When we depend
solely on rational thinking, we lose access to a valid and
highly valuable source of knowledge within us -- our
intuition. With simple awareness exercises, you can
significantly expand the information available to you for
improved decision-making. You can work through the blocks
and connect with imagination and inspiration.

7) Empty your mind regularly - Only when you have a quiet
mind can you truly be stress-free, creative and intuitive.
With rest and recreation, you can let go of worldly
pressures and connect with the essence of who you are.
Practice meditation or periods of relaxation daily. Do not
compromise your holidays. Allow your mind to take a break.

8) Know your life purpose - As we align with our life
purpose and unlock our inner power, life becomes easier and
more meaningful. We become more focused and energetic, and
we attract synchronicities and gifts of abundance that help
us fulfill our mission.

9) Track your growth and success - It's so easy to get
caught in busyness, doing what's urgent rather than what's
important. Tracking tools help you focus on what's most
important. They offer measuring sticks so you can monitor
your growth and successes. With this regular discipline,
each year will just keep getting better!

10) Accept yourself fully - It's only when we truly accept
who we are right now that we can change. Why do you want
change? If it's because you think you aren't good enough
now, this lack of self-worth will undermine your efforts to
grow and achieve success. Love who you are, with all of your
strengths and weaknesses. This gives you a solid foundation
to make your life even better! You will turn your dreams
into reality!

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