quarta-feira, fevereiro 07, 2007

The Winds of Faith

There is a bright sun of benevolence that shines down upon you at all
times. It is love. It is knowledge. It is joy and peace. And it
shines down upon you endlessly, the warm rays always reaching toward you,
to comfort you, to direct you, to love you.

But there are times when the clouds of doubt and worry obscure this sun
from your view. There are times when your own thoughts darken the sky,
as you concern yourself with your future, as you fill yourself with
regrets over the past, thinking that if only you had done things
differently, you would now be happier and more secure.

And all of these thoughts are gathering clouds that obscure the loving
and warm sun from your sight. But still it shines. Still it is there
for you.

And there are times when life seems overwhelming, when those dark
clouds gather and grow stormy, when you worry and wonder how you can
possibly deal with all that is happening in your life. And at the very time
that you need the warm glowing sun of guidance and love, this is the
time when the sky may seem darkest, when doubt and fear flash across the
sky and blame and criticism thunder out their warnings.

But still the sun shines. Still it is there for you, blessing you, the
life-giving rays reaching down to you, making their way between the

Let us now call up the fresh wind of faith. Feel the breeze freshening
out in the distance, a strong wind of faith to blow through your mind,
clearing it of all doubt, clearing it of all fear, blowing through and
sweeping away all blame and criticism, all fear disguised as regret,
all fear disguised as anger, let it all sweep through.

See the clouds scurrying away. See how they are carried away by the
strong gust of faith that is blowing now across your mind and heart,
clearing you.

See how, with the clouds of doubt and fear blown away, the rays of the
sun can shine down unhindered, full of warm love and the blessings of
grace. Feel the warmth, the love that is there for you. Feel and know
that you are deeply loved and treasured and that this benevolence and
grace is always here for you, always here flowing and glowing endlessly,
endless love, endless grace.

Here is a little prayer for today

I am deeply worth of the love of the universe, of the love that flows
endlessly to me. I allow my faith to be strong enough to blow the
clouds away and expose the great love that is there for me, to bring it to
my view, so that my every moment is graced by beauty, peace and love.

My belief is so strong, that I am able to overcome anything that stands
in the way of my receiving this grace, this love, this joy and peace.
I have the power to do this at any moment, in every moment.

I am power. I am faith. I am the power of faith realized in this
moment. I am.

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