quarta-feira, março 28, 2007

Let it be

The perfection of all things lies not in your judgment of what should
be; it lies in your acceptance of what is. And by acceptance, we do not
mean apathy and resignation; we mean an active involvement in what is,
a joining in, but yet within the guidelines of what truly is.

Your goal is not hope, not a denial of things as they are and a wishing
for things to be other. Acceptance is an objective state, a deep and
complete understanding that this is the way this moment is, this is how
things are, but without judgment that they should have been otherwise.

Now is. You are. All is as it is. And that is the beginning and end
to truth.

Life is not about what might be in the next moment; it is about what is
right now. And now is the only truth, the only place of action, the
only place you ever truly are. And it has a contour, it has its ways.
It is as it is and no other.

And if you accept it as it is, without blame or judgment, without
criticism and condemnation, without hope that it may change, then it will
open to you. It will open in beauty and peace. It will open in wonder.
And when this moment opens to you and you fully step in, you will
understand its perfection. For at the heart of each moment is a deep
beingness, a oneness with all that was, is and will be, for at the deepest
heart of this moment, there is no time. At the very heart of this
heartbeat, there is only all. And all encompasses. And all simply is.

Give yourself permission to let things go and let things be. You do
not need to fix everything you think needs fixing. You can let things
be, in their disarray, in their uncontrolled states, in their confusion
and apparent lack of direction. You can do things without having a
purpose to your action, simply because it crosses your mind to do it. You
can let other people be as they are, even with all of their so-called
faults. And you can allow yourself to be a person who tries new things
and inevitably makes mistakes, sometimes big mistakes, in the process
of learning.

Life is much easier when you are not a critic and a judge, when you are
not on a program of self-improvement with specific goals and deadlines.
For what is the end goal, the ultimate purpose of all of your
activities? Peace of mind and happiness. That is what you think love, money
and security will give you. And yet they lie before you, ignored and
pushed aside, hidden deeply within the folds of this moment. And they ask
only that you dip down and become one with the tick of life, to tock of
being, the slow and subtle movement of one little moment pushing up
against the next.

Yes, yes, let it be. Let it all be as it is. How easy this truly is.

Here is a little prayer for today

I stand quietly and breathe deeply, pulling myself down into this
moment just as it is. I feel the peace enfolding me. I feel the love
pouring into me as the moment opens to me, like the heart of a flower
unfolding to the sun. I drink the sweet nectar of this moment just as it is.
I feel myself becoming deeply one with all that is, just as I am.

I am this moment. I am each moment that passes, deeply one and
connected. I am love that transcends time. I am time itself. I am all that
is. I am.

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