quinta-feira, março 22, 2007

Living the Reiki Ideals

By Robert Plotzke

Reiki as a path to enlightenment. .. how can this be? The Reiki Ideals are
the source. Mikao Usui (Reiki's founder) borrowed the Mejing emperor's
ideals, a code to live by found in most religions, and incorporated them
into his teachings. What are these ideals? Just for today... ""I will not
anger," "I will not worry," "I will show gratitude," "I will work hard on
myself," "I will be kind to everything that has life." Exploring the depth
of these little statements could and probably should take a lifetime.
"Just for today I will not anger." Not so hard to imagine, choosing not to
anger. Energetically anger can be seen as spikes of energy coming from one's
aura. When you feel angry, do you stop to realize all that is really going
on in your body and energy field? Ask yourself "Am I willing to take
responsibility for these outgoing anger spikes?" Most often anger is a
reaction to fear! When angry, what am I afraid of? What need do I perceive
as unmet; how do I feel threatened? After identifying the source of the
anger then I can channel that anger energy into motivation to face the fear
and go through it with love. Anger then becomes the fuel for change and
"Just for today I will not worry." Worrying is an incredible waste of
energy. If I do believe in some form of God then why am I worrying? Do I
have faith in the universe, and am I making a powerful statement saying so
or not? If there is something concerning me should it be ignored? No, every
step necessary to address the situation should be taken. Also see the
outcome in perfection, offer up a prayer, write it on a piece of paper and
do Reiki on it. If it surfaces in your mind, say an affirmation and let it
go. Worrying sends mixed messages to the universe; if you take the positive
steps and then worry chances are the good intention energy is being canceled
out by the worry energy. When we really are creators in our own right, when
we worry, what are we creating?
"Just for today I will be grateful." Take the time to say thanks for your
blessings. Yes this includes the tough times, the lessons. We are the total
of all our experiences. Stopping to give thanks is one of the most powerful
things anyone can do. It sends out such joyous energy to the universe that
we are all uplifted. A truly happy person feels thankful for everything and
often times they feel blessed. From the outside looking in, you may see
their hardships. Yet they are genuinely happy. Why? because they are

"Just for today I will work hard on myself." Being responsible for all that
I am. Taking the time to understand myself fully. Taking time to meditate;
this is where understanding yourself is key. Meditation is not just sitting
quietly with your legs crossed reciting a mantra or concentrating on your
breathing. Meditation can be movement : dancing, hiking, washing the dishes
can be a meditation. Yard work, Tai Chi, yoga, doing a Reiki
self-treatment - meditation is only limited by your imagination. How do you
best meditate? Self-appraisal -- taking inventory is a must for any business
owner. How often should one look at oneself to see what needs to go and what
should stay? What would benefit from more attention? How can I be a better
listener, nurturer, light in this world? I will work hard on myself daily.
"I will be kind to everything that has life." This one truly tests our
resolve to live in a world of peace. When life is flowing smoothly it is
much easier to be kind than when we are experiencing a growth spurt. My
Reiki Master would get quiet and a bit withdrawn, not necessarily sad or
down, just quiet. After about the third time this happened I stopped asking
if something was wrong. Her answer was always: "My stuff is up." She would
draw her energy in as if she was in a constant state of reflection. Her
basic core of energy still exuded kindness, however. This was a great lesson
for me. Another important part to remember is that you have life. Being kind
to others is easy; yet how good are we at being kind to ourselves? We have
life too, and being kind to ourselves is of utmost importance. Today I will
be kind to all of life and this includes taking care of me.

These Reiki ideals, according to tradition, are to be spoken aloud and
allowed to resonate within your heart every morning and night. If someone
thinks something positive about you, you may feel the energy of it. When a
compliment is given the feeling and energy it creates makes such an
impression that it may very well last forever. Start and end each day by
declaring your code of existence to the universe with power and conviction,
letting it resonate within your heart. The Reiki Ideals!

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