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Past Life Reasons For Illnesses & Depression

By: Whitneay T. Vanwells

1. Allergies:

Death by fire, the gas chamber, smothering. Death by grass, forest fires,

and buried alive. Allergies to cat, or dog hair, killed by lions/large cats,

or killed by wolves. Mold allergies; died in a wet pit; or death/sickness in a


2. Asthma & lung disease:

Death by being burned at the stake, death by gas chamber. Broken heart

(damaged and repressed energies in the heart chakra).

3. Appendix:

Hate of self, and of life. Repressed energies. Past life death injury in that


4. Arthritis:

Injustice, martyrdom, massive toxins overload. If the toxins are bad enough,

cancer might follow later.

5. Blindness/vision problems:

Afraid to 'look' at life, fear of the truth, not wanting to see reality. Head injury

in childhood, - hit on the head by parents (trapped negative energies).


If your doctor told you that you have cancer in your family and that you might

get it, that becomes a belief in cancer, and also a program. Self punishment

on the body, vows to self punishment on the body, and not feeling worthy of

good health, parents death wish.


Self hate.

Cancer in the reproduction organs:

Torture, white hot poker in past lives; guilt from sex, or sexual abuse; blocked


Lung cancer:

Blocked heart chakra from childhood traumas, toxins, parasites.

Cancer in the digestive system:

Stored rape, death wish from childhood. Not worthy to receive (nutrition),

stored rage.

Cancer - Larynx:

Not allowed to speak as a child, hanging in past lives, and strangulation in

past lives, or slave collar.

Cancer bones:

The bones are the frame work of the body, not able to stand up for oneself

& express oneself. If you have cancer, you will need blocks on healing

removed, toxins removed, and work to build up your immunity. Your will also

need major cleansing.

7. Chronic Fatigue:

Wanting to die, wasted away in another life, guilt, anger turned inward.

8. Circulation:

Hate of self, cut-off from life.

9. Deafness:

Death injury, not wanting to hear, being yelled at, or bitched at.

10 Dumb (voice):

Strangulation, slave collar, hanging, beheading, not allowed to speak as a child.

Poison, or chemical poison past lives.

11. Fibromyalgia:

Past life injuries, massive toxic overload and auto immune. Past life: parasites,

bacteria, micro bacteria, fungus, yeast, viruses, and forms not known.

12. Gall Bladder:

Repressed joy, mind causing illness, blocked energy flow.

13. Birth Marks: Disease scars, burn marks, death wounds.

14. Hemorrhoids:

Sitting too long, past life oarsman, multiple pregnancies, this life or past.

15. Illness: Self punishment, karmic lessons to learn, death wish, not wanting to face

life. Not taking responsibility in life, wanting to be taken care of. Not feeling

worthy of good health.

16. Indigestion:

Body language "I've had a belly full of this!" - trapped anger, refused emotions

(food as a symbol for love), toxic overload. Dehydration.

17. Knees:

Not willing to stand up for oneself. Not wanting to take responsibility. Priest and

priestess lives, and kneeling for hours.

18. Obesity:

Childhood programming, food as a replacement for love, and fat as a shield.

19. Pituitary:

Cut off from the Divine worlds, feeling cast out of heaven, head injury in past lives,

fear of going to hell, and fear of punishment by God.

20. Psoriasis:

Past life death by burning, intestinal death wounds, very toxic intestines this life.

Research leaky gut syndrome.

21. Stomach:

Death by poison, or stuffed rage.

22. Varicose veins:

Tortured deaths, death by burning, leprosy, blocked life force.

23. Skin Pigmentation Loss: Death scars from a fire. Death wounds.

Some Past Life Causes Of

Depression, Fears, Anxieties, & Phobias

1. Fear of snakes: Death by snakes, rape/death experience.

2. Fear of water: Death by drowning, lung disease, dunking torture.

3. Fear of small spaces: Buried alive, tied up and murdered, chained in prison,

or rape.

4. Fear of spiders: Death by spiders, black magic.

5. Fear of bears: Death by bears, loss of loved ones by bears.

6. Fear of insects: Indian torture - staked to the ground, killed by insects.

7. Fear of fire: Burned at the stake, death by forest fire, or house fire.

8. Fear of men: Raped, beaten, human sacrifice, killed or abused, by men.

9. Fear of women: Abused, beaten, humiliated, or tortured by women.

10. Fear of heights: Killed in a plane, fell off of a cliff, killed by being thrown off a


11. Fear of lack of food: Starvation, not enough food as a child, parents went through

the depression, or their parents did.

12. Fear of desertion or loss of love: Abandonment issues, this and past lives.

13. Fear of crowds: Hung, or murdered by a mob. Killed in a war, related to the fear

of battle.

14. Fear of Public Speaking: Murdered by the government for speaking out. Chastised

in front of a large group. Tortured to death in front of a large group, or killed by a

firing squad.

15. Fear of Humiliation: Critical parents.

Depression is almost always related to entity involvement. This is a very common issue

that most people are not even aware of at all. Some that experience forms of paranoid

feelings, are really experiencing the thoughts of the entities that are attached to them.

There are those that have been diagnosed with multiple personalities, that really have

several of these beings attached to them. Sometimes they hear 'voices' as well. Entities

are routinely removed during the Dharma Energy ClearingTM sessions, and we also train

our clients on how to stay clear of them. We also train our clients on ways to stay clear

of psychic involvement, and control, from others.

Note: Anxieties are almost always related to past life death experiences, that are being

re-lived in the present time. These can be removed during a clearing session. Some

anxiety attacks are also related to early childhood traumas, where there was a great

deal of stress, and psychic attack from parents, in the childhood home.

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