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Shamanic essences

©Lynx Greywolf
Essences seem to me to be a natural outgrowth of shamanic teachings and process. Cultures around the world have relied on Sacred Plants as well as Animal/Nature Spirits to help both their Shamans and others achieve altered states of consciousness in order to bring healing to all members within their communities. Yet since many of these Sacred energies can be dangerous for use by a novice, essences of these energies help us to achieve the "Spirit" of this path in a safe, gentle and effective manner.
Our culture has forgotten how to be supportive of our natural Shamans and Healers. The essences described below will help those born to this path as well as those who are seeking to connect with their own "Inner Shaman" to find the courage and strength to follow the Shamanic path and return Shamanism to its rightful place of honour and respect.
Morganite:The Shaman's stone, Morganite encourages us to take full responsibility for our personal reality and life experiences. This essence centers us in the heart so that we may make choices based on what we LOVE and KNOW is right for us rather than following the dictates of another. Morganite calls in the presence of our allies and totem energies for manifestation and healing. Use this essence while in a medicine wheel to align positive forces to manifest your intent. Morganite also helps to lighten the Shamanic path for those who find it dark and heavy. It reinforces the true power of the Shaman, which is to be a channel of healing for his/her community.
The Shaman's Crystal:This essence was produced from a extremely powerful double terminated Quartz Crystal. When using this essence, it is very important to set an intention, visualizing the energy of what you desire to manifest shooting out from your solar plexus chakra, connecting with spirit and then returned to you amplified and manifested. Be sure you really desire what you are asking for you will get it. It is best not to use this essence more than 4 times per day. Putting faith and knowing into the process greatly speeds up the results of manifestation. Be grateful for the result before it manifests physically.
Dream Time:Use this essence to understand that we are both the dreamer and the dreamed. This essence helps us to hold a positive focus so that we may dream a new reality into being. It helps us to drop the busy "doing" in our lives, and rely more on our divine ability to become what we desire.
Bear:This is the powerful energy of the cave, going deep within Mother Earth to renew and heal the self or to transmit healing to another. Bear is a powerful ally who offers protection and guidance during stressful situations or to resolve long-standing problems in which you feel locked in and can't find a way out. Bear teaches us how to be silent and still so that we may receive higher guidance and inspiration. Bear also teaches us how to meet all of our needs from within so we never have to go without. Through Bear, we learn to access the guidance of Shamans who have walked this path before us, and have many gifts to share if we will but receive them.
Drum:The heartbeat of the Earth, use this essence to travel safely between the worlds to access higher guidance, receive healing, connect with your allies to create a strategy for the manifestation of goals, or to ease the initiation of yourself or another onto the path of Shamanism. This essence is very grounding for the body so that your Soul is able to move freely throughout all the levels of the universe as you are ready to do so. When the journey is over, this essence guides the Soul safely and gently back into the body, so that the body may also assimilate the wisdom of the higher planes and thereby increase its vibrational level. This essence is especially helpful when combined with Bear to attract higher guidance and practical solutions. Our knowing is already right within us; we just need to remember that we already know the solution.
Spirit Rattle:This is a wonderful essence for turning up old, limiting energies in the mind, body, and soul. It assists in opening you to be a clear channel for the universe so that all of your journeys, be they on the physical plane, or other levels of reality, are safe and abundant. This is also an excellent essence for those who are in the process of releasing negative thought patterns in favor of positive ones.
Wolf:A powerful essence for those who are ready to be the leaders of the new age that is now manifesting. Wolf essence is highly protective of those who are realizing their strengths and abilities to bring about higher changes in the world. Use this essence when you need to move ahead of your "pack," to scout the safe path and bring knowing back from your journey to share for the highest good of all.
Raven:An amazingly powerful essence for inducing altered states of consciousness safely and gently, to access healing for oneself or another. For those who know they are journeying, but are unable to retain conscious knowledge of what occurred, or who seek greater detail of their journey, this essence is invaluable.
Owl:Owl sees and knows the truth. It's ability to navigate through the darkest night and bring back nourishment for itself and others is the foundation of this essence. When you have lost your way, Owl essence will guide you back to your proper path and wisdom.
Pink Quill:Originally, this research essence was to be included with our flower essences. Since then, it has proven itself to be quite a shape-shifter! It adapts itself to the need of the person using it, so there is no one single definition or characteristic of this essence. If you need it, you'll know it, because it will call to you loudly and persistently!
Medicine Wheel:The essence of strength and healing, Medicine Wheel provides courage, protection, and guidance from our allies and totem animals. When beginning work with a new ally or totem, this essence helps to insure that we contact only the highest aspect of the energies involved.
Ghost Dance:The Ghost Dance was visioned by the Shaman Wovoka to assist his people in remaining connected with their ancestors after the coming of the Europeans to Turtle Island. This essence assists us in connecting with the wisdom of those who went before us, as well as clearing dysfunctional family patterns and belief systems.
Walkabout:A delightful essence to get us moving in the direction of our highest goals. It encourages detachment from all that weighs us down, or holds us back, so that we may journey freely as spirit wills, whether on this level of reality or another.
There is no doubt that our planet and all of life is in need of healing. Shamanic essences can help to restore the balance that has been lost, for when we seek to bring balance into our lives as individuals, we shall help to bring balance to the entire planet. So many are seeking transformation and positive change at this time, and it is so perfect that the Sacred Energies that Shamans and Healers round the world have called upon for thousands of years are now returning to contribute their gifts to all of life once again.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: From Shamanism to Flower and Vibrational Essences and everything in between, Lynx has had a lifelong passion for alternative healing. She began producing essences over 22 years ago when a friend first introduced her to the Bach Remedies and then suggested she begin producing her own essences, which led to the birth of Morningstar. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California, and you can find out more about her work through her website.

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