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In Consistency
Thomas Kern

Dear Group,

I want to discuss a certain type of person whom everyone,
unfortunately, has gotten all too familiar with, and needs to learn
how to address successfully and victoriously. I call
them "Happiness Thieves" or "ENERGY VAMPIRES". They are
characterized by their constant complaining, negative attitude,
snide comments, and attempts to draw others into their emotional and
spiritual Black Hole (because that is what miserable people like...
more miserable people.). These predators actually leave us feeling
physically, emotionally and psychically fatigued as they invade our
energy fields and steal the life force, the ambition, the momentum
and the joy from us. They are parasites, and must be dealt with
before they de-energize us good folks (e.g., swell people like you
and me, and the rest of our Group).

I had a specific incident today where someone tried to rob me of my
good mood and my positive energy with some insults..... made right
to my face. Because of what I've learned in Internal Energy Plus, I
was able to sense this person's Disruptive and Destructive Intention
INSTANTLY. I responded immediately and appropriately, not giving
this person the opportunity to siphon the gasoline out of my tank.

What did I do (you may ask)?

1. I recognized the problem;

2. I identified the problem and (diplomatically, but firmly) stated
to the person that I was aware of his negative mood and intention.
By the way, sometimes this simple process of calling the beast by
his own name causes him to retreat or re-think his/her attitude and
actions. It is like pulling out a club when your adversary is
brandishing a twig. It also automatically creates a "force field" of
protection around you, and "mirrors back" the other person's ill
will. No Vampire likes a victim who is not entranced and defenseless.

3. I chose to recognize that this person was the source of the
negativity, and that his conduct was not in any way attributable to
a failing or fault on my part. It made me feel stronger, and it made
me more resolute in my commitment to remain unaffected. I didn't
volley or run. I simply stood my ground, stated my point of view
assertively and succinctly, and left the encounter as a victor,
without any fang marks evident on any part of my body.

I'm sure that you know of people like this in your workplace or even
in your social circle.
I ask you all: What are your personally- proven, time-tested
strategies for dealing with Energy Vampires? Please share them by
posting them to this Group. If they are as humorous as they are
effective, you'll receive a double score. Make your contribution to
our Group. Don't be shy. Share if you care.

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susanchap21 disse...

A great book about energy vampires and how to combat them is Positive Energy by Dr. Judith Orloff. I have found it to be very witty and quite useful in maintaining my positive outlook on life.