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Healing Connections

by Norma Gentile

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Observing the finer points of energy work can change your life

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Our physical bodies are surrounded and supported not only by our aura, or electromagnetic field, but also by the auric fields of other people in our lives. Just as we are interconnected via jobs, family, and friends, these same connections manifest energetically also. We have cords of connection with other people, and even connections into shared experiences, projects, or ideas. It might be said that the primordial soup is one in which, vibrationally, we all still swim.
All this comes into play strongly when there are world events to which our attention is drawn. As more and more of us focus in on a single event, more and more of our energies are also being directed into that event. Anything we might have in common with the people directly experiencing the event will be more visible to us. In psychic terminology, what we have in common with the event will "light up" in our awareness.

We might experience this as greater feelings of remorse, anger or frustration. We might notice pain or aching in areas of our physical body that may not have hurt for several months or years. Older patterns of thought or belief that we assumed we had outgrown come back to us in our behavior. This is the result of "lighting up" our energetic connections with that which we desire to heal.

The shared energies of all of the spectators cause a web to form around an event or person. In an ideal situation, the web of energies serves to support a healthy outcome based on unconditional love. However, in many situations, the web serves to pour emotional and belief pattern energies into an already intense situation ... somewhat like pouring oil into a burning fire.

Just as we have the ability to do things with greater or lesser attention and care, so too our energy comes in many forms. For instance, any time love is sent to a situation or person, you are establishing a connection with them. What many would consider love comes in both conditional and unconditional forms. As hard as it is to imagine, sending love into a situation does not allow it to resolve. Rather, it pours in additional energies, fueling the conflict even more.

The reason for this is that energy always moves in two directions. Therefore, to whatever extent the love you send is conditional, those conditions will be "lit up" by the return current from the person or situation. As you gain greater power, greater "feedback" will occur.

Holding a situation in unconditional love allows situations to work out as is best to the divine plan. Note that this is not sending love, but rather looking at a situation while staying in the presence of love that exists within your own heart. Love yourself first, then hold the situation in that same love.

As you may become aware of people and circumstances that you have been sending love towards, it would be appropriate to call back your energy from those circumstances and people. Ask that as your energy returns to you, their energies release and move to wherever they wish to go. You need not send someone's energies back to them directly, you can intend merely that the energies continue on their own evolutionary path. In this way they are free to move according to the divine plan.

If you find yourself among a group of people wishing to pray or "do good" around a person or event, you might consider simply asking for guidance, rather than sending energetic thoughts of how it might resolve. Since you are in some way already connected to the event or person through your own energy field, you might ask to heal those issues that you have in common with the person or event. Pride, power issues and prejudice hide deeply, and are issues for which self-forgiveness is a balm.

Gently hold your own perceived shortcomings or wounds in lovingness, and your own healing will travel along the cords of connection to others. If and as it is truly appropriate, your pulse of healing energy will "light up" the potential for healing in others around similar issues. As a result, they will see and acknowledge the same wounds, healing them in their own manner and time frame. In this way, a healing pulse can be sent around the world (and beyond...).

How strange are the twists and turns possible, and how unable to foresee things are we here in physical form! Those who are consciously aware of your angels and guides have most likely experienced times where the guides were silent about certain issues, or gave conflicting information. Even in the spiritual realms the only certainty is the love that binds all of creation together. The divine plan is shared between all of us - and our connection to ourselves, to others, and to creation is unconditional love.

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Norma Gentile is a recording artist and intuitive healer. She combines her musical studies (Master's degree in Voice) and esoteric training (channeling and psychic healing) into private sessions, workshops and concerts of sound and healing. Her CDs include Meditation Chants and Unfurling Love's Creation, both music of Hildegard von Bingen. She can be reached at: www.healingchants. com or PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48197.

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