quarta-feira, setembro 28, 2011

What's Your Full-Time Job?

Being Human is a full-time job. When you think of a full-time job, what comes to mind is usually the work you do at an office or in your home office. It is reflected in your job title and is the work you are paid for. But did it ever occur to you that independent of what your career or job my be, that being human, living a vital fulfilling life is a full-time job that requires your attention? How are you doing on your full-time job of being human? Inspired Life Practice: Being Human · What are the activities that support you in living a vital fulfilling life? Here are some of mine: o 20 minutes of daily meditation (learn how to meditate) o writing an inspiring blog post o eating healthy food o spending time with loved ones o getting a good night's sleep o spending time in nature · Make a commitment to incorporate in your day activities that support you in living a vital fulfilling life. Today's Power Statement: My primary full-time job is being a loving human being and I am committed to getting an excellent performance appraisal on this job! Fonte: Inspired Life Practice: What's Your Full-Time Job? by susynreeve http://susynreeve.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/inspired-life-practice-whats-your-full-time-job/

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