sexta-feira, julho 27, 2007

Aromaterapia - Menopause

Some recommended essential oils for menopausal women are:

# Bergamot uplifts mood and reduces anxiety and depression.

# Clary Sage eases hot flashes and night sweats and PMS.

# Chamomile has calming effect, ease tension, anxiety and headaches.

# Frankincense helps psychosomatic problems and anxiety.

# Geranium is a hormone balancer and reduces stress.

# Jasmine is euphoric and eases tension and anxiety.

# Juniper regulates period and relieves water retention.

# Lavender is sedative and aids sleep.

# Rose is a womb tonic and provides relief from pre menopause to post

# Sandalwood promotes vaginal secretions and stimulates the development of
sex hormones.

# Ylang ylang is aphrodisiac and relaxes the nervous system.

The oils can be used in a vaporizer, sprays, bath, hot or cold compress,
perfume or for topical body application or massage.

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