sexta-feira, julho 20, 2007

Let It Be

Today, I invite you to be one with the beauty that surrounds you. I invite you to quiet your mind, take a deep breath and set all of your troubles aside.
And then, in the brief moment of silence that fills your mind as you fill your lungs with air, I invite you to do nothing at all. To simply let the moment be. No judgment, no correction or criticism. No feelings that you are anything other than this precious moment of silence. And no feelings that you are anything other than exactly as you should be.
For your perfection shines as brightly as the sun. Your wonder shines in your own heart and mind if only you will allow a drop of silence to enter, so that you might hear the harmonious voice of your own sprit.

Here is a prayer for today

I am peace and harmony, as still as the still waters, as deep as the unending well of peace in the center of the all.
I am peace and love. I am harmony and wonder. I am.

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