sábado, julho 21, 2007

Creative Giving and Receiving

We have all met people who have had a profound effect on our life. Meeting them has changed us. They have in some way helped us to develop some potentials of awareness or potentials of consciousness. This probably began with our parents, and has continued throughout our life.

Think of someone who has done this for you. Do you still feel gratitude? What you have been given in the past continues to be a creative force in your life as long as you have a continued loving response to it. This keeps it active.

When we forget about the gifts of the past, or leave them behind, we are no longer open to their continued creative activity in our life. What keeps the creative energies of change for expanded consciousness and increased awareness alive, is an appreciative openness to receive followed by some heartfelt generous response. As long as there is a continued openness and response, the gifts keep flowing, or we could say that the gifts keep giving. The co- creative process continues.

Receiving and giving are the co-creative forces of life, the yin and yang of all creative energies.

For those of us who have been open, there is no greater gift than to be assisted in the journey of expanding awareness and consciousness. We must always remember, though, that the process of change only begins when we receive. Receiving is an active state, not a passive one. It affects our awareness; we learn something. We then must take it to another level - the level of consciousness. We do this by our choice to respond with love, by giving.

When we give with love in our heart we actually have a direct effect on the other person’s mental, emotional and physical bodies.

The electro-magnetic energy from our heart becomes coherent when we feel love in any of its many forms, like appreciation, gratitude, care, forgiveness, and compassion. If we touch someone or are close to them in this state, our heart energy directly affects their brain waves. Their brain entrains to our heart, enabling them to be receptive to the love we are feeling. This has been demonstrated through ECG and EEG recordings.

This linking has a uniting effect and also a strengthening effect on the other’s person’s physiology, including their immune system. It also then enables them to be more coherent in their own energies, helping them to have greater mental clarity as well as greater soul access. It can lift them out of their victimhood or defensiveness, and open them to the power of love, which they will then want to express to others. What a wonderful way of co- creating a better world!

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