terça-feira, setembro 04, 2007

The Secrets

1. Realize that the Truth is within you, in your Spirit, not outside.

2. "Know yourself"
To do that, empty your mind and you will listen to your Spirit. It's like opening a little flower. The flower is already beautiful, but when it opens, you discover that is much more. You start to rediscover the Truth and stop the confusion of your mind. Life begins to make sense when you listen to your Spirit instead of your mind. Leads to Wisdom.

3. "Be yourself"
Being yourself you'll not only feel comfortable but will also attract the right people to you, improving syncronicity. Sincronicity is the things that happens that leads to what CREATOR planned to your life.

4. "Accept yourself"
Accepting yourself, you meet with Inner Peace and comfort. You start to deal better with your problems and life make more sense to you.

5. "Trust yourself"
Leads to recognition, success and Inner Peace. You start to "flow" peacefully in your life. Lots of syncronicity. If you have Trust, have Faith, in yourself, nothing can stop or harm you. Faith that moves mountains...

The most important:
6. "Love yourself"
When you Love yourself, people Love you. Love of the others starts with you loving yourself. This leads to Hapiness and Success along with many other things. If everyone loved and accepted themselves, this would be a very peacefull world.

This means that the Truth is within you, in your Heart, your Spirit (which is yourself).

Love is Wisdom, Wisdom is Love.
Wisdom is the knowledge of yourself.


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