segunda-feira, abril 21, 2008

Forget the pain

Pain is painful enough on its own, when it is present.
Why would you ever want to keep pain alive after it is
gone by holding it firmly in your memory? Forget the
pains after you've learned what they have to teach.
And in their place, make more space to remember the
If others have hurt you, don't let your own anger or
desire for retribution prolong that hurt indefinitely.
Forgive, completely let go, and free yourself forever
from the pain.

Let go of those pains that are in the past, for only
your memory is keeping them alive. By the simple act
of forgetting and moving on, you can be gloriously rid
of them.

Allow yourself to find a new joy to replace each of
those old and useless pains. And watch as your life
takes a prompt and powerful turn for the better.

-- Ralph Marston

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