quinta-feira, janeiro 22, 2009

33 tips for Healing emotional pain

1. forgive

2.love yourself

3. make positive causes

4. be kind and loving

5. play at becoming wise .

6. FEEL your feelings,

7. Identify your feelings

8.let them go

9.you have survived

10.Live in the present

11.divine light is within you

12. and within those who have hurt you

13.You need not forget

14. remove your attention from painful memories

15. The only real revenge is being happy.

16.Be alive

17. you have survived

18.you have triumphed

19.you are Alive and Free now .

20. recognize the good

21.When you release the attention

that holds you in emotional pain

you will be free of that pain.

22. Develop compassion .

23.Unconditional Love starts with loving the self.

24. Happiness begins with appreciation of what you have

25. Look for joy

26. As long as you are alive life can get better

27. when we define ourselves in terms of our past suffering

we remain in pain

28.there is always someone who's worse off than you

29. life is precious and beautiful

30.We are here because we wanted to be.

31. we need to get on with our own lives now.

32. We are responsible for creating our own happiness

33. we are in charge of how we live and feel Now.

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