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Maintaining Balance


DURING TIMES OF GREAT CHANGE and chaos it becomes imperative that we maintain balance, both within the temple of our being and with others. Balance manifests as we become aware of our own Inner Being, the God-Self within, and how we feel. Each sentient being has been given an accurate way of discerning - through the feelings. One can feel an inner turmoil when out of balance. One may feel heavy, disoriented, frustrated or even depressed. As one notices how one feels, then one can take a few moments to acknowledge Self (Higher Self, Inner Being) and how one is feeling. There is no need to analyze why; just acknowledge and quiet your self. Go within to one's inner caves of silence, into one's inner temples and rest there a few moments.

Within the crystalline caves of one's own Inner Being one rests in the silence, and in the beauty of one's own sacred heart. The following guided meditation and visualization will assist in establishing and maintaining balance:

Breathe deeply and relax into the silence. Watch your breath until you feel your entire body system begin to quiet and to relax. Imagine that you have become very small and perceive yourself going within, into the silence of your own Inner Being. Approach the door to your heart and enter quietly, for it is a sacred place. Walk silently to your favorite place. You may wish to sit on the crystalline bench and reflect on the beauty of myriad colored crystals reflecting inner light. You may want to visit the crystal clear pool where one may view one's own beautiful reflection looking back at one's Self. You may wish to visit the beautiful garden where flowers of every color bloom under a cloudless sky. You might want to sit on the soft grass under a large shade tree and near the gurgling stream that meanders through the lovely valley. Each being creates the beauty within, though it stems from one Source.

As you rest in this place of your own creation, within your sacred heart, enjoy. Enjoy the feeling of peace and of the love of God that constantly surrounds and supports you. Nothing exists without this God-Force. You feel appreciation as you look around and enjoy. Feel inner peace descending into the atmosphere. Release and relax. Roll your physical shoulders to release any physical tension, and then return to your inner cave, the cave of Inner Being where you feel unconditional love ever-present. Breathe and relax, absorbing God's love into every cell of your being. Breathe love into all your bodies, and all the layers of your existences both on Earth and in other dimensions. Begin to feel appreciation for all you have been given. Appreciate even the smallest gifts - the gift to breathe, to walk, to laugh, to have a meal, the opportunity to look upon Mother Gaia, the gift to hear. Feel yourself begin to come into alignment or balance with Self and your true nature. Know that you are part of God and as such are honored and treasured. Breathe and rest a few moments, feeling supported by the entire universe. When you feel a sense of balance, return to physical awareness. Stretch and feel awake.

As you master your own internal balance, a sense of harmony permeates the energy field. One senses a deep peace and harmony with Self (Higher Self, Inner Being). A Sacred Relationship with the Self becomes established. This internal harmony affects one's life and what can be attracted into it. Harmony and peace spills into one's environment and ripples out into the outer world affecting other people, and even nature. Discord becomes repelled - it is not a vibrational match to harmony. One's vibrational field in Sacred Relationship, harmony with Self, becomes strong. It resembles a strong magnetic field and like a magnet attracts and repels accordingly.

Energy multiplies when two souls achieve Sacred Relationship with Self, and with a partner. The two become one powerful energy field and the power increases accordingly, doubling in intensity. As the two work hand in hand, heart in heart, only that which they have become attracts. This makes it essential to become awake and aware of one's personal vibration at all times.

As the chaos in the world affects living beings, humans can temporarily fall out of balance. When imbalance is allowed to penetrate, peace becomes destroyed and one becomes susceptible to discord. If one is not aware, the discord can tip the scales and throw one off center. It wrecks one's peaceful vibration and erratic vibration tears through the energy field. One cannot attract that which one wants when vibrating with something one does not want. To control one's vibration, one must become aware of one's feelings, for the feeling center is the barometer which lets one know if one is vibrating with what is wanted or not.

Feelings of peace and harmony become essential in stepping over the thresholds and through the veils into the higher dimensions. Only love and peace reside there and one must leave discordant vibrations behind in third-dimensionalit y.

Only humans can control their feelings and learn inner balance. Maintaining harmony within and with one another positively affects one's environment. Notice that when one projects love and harmony to another accompanied by a smile, that positive energy returns. When the energy is exchanged back and forth between humans, it grows and multiples creating a strong positively charged field that, when other pass through it, instills them with love, with light, and with peace.

As living masters, light workers have incarnated to assist in the end of time as the ancients described. It becomes imperative that humans practice peace, practice the projection of love, and lay paths of light. Human-kind translates the energies and projects light into the grids. The fibers of light become woven into the fabric of third-dimensionalit y. These must be laid. We must all accept responsibility and create internal balance.

As you go through your day, whenever you feel the balance of the inner scale tip slightly, just pull yourself back and feel the inner balance you can create. Practice feeling balanced and feeling loved.

In each relationship, you can begin to feel whether it has become one of balance or imbalance. As you become conscious of your own inner balance, you begin to sense imbalance or balance in your relationships. This sensitivity to energy becomes a natural occurrence. At the first indication of imbalance, one has the option to match the vibration, take a few moments to return to inner balance, or to assist in bringing another into alignment.

Maintaining balance becomes critical to harmonious relationships. When two entities become imbalanced, relationships can become chaotic, words may be spoken only to be regretted later, resulting in a long period of imbalance in the relationship. Falling from the "see-saw" of life can be traumatic, affecting one's day and the day of others, if they allow themselves to become affected. As you have become aware, relationships teeter on a delicate scale or fulcrum. Each person must take steps to individually balance as well as find the balance in all relationships.

As we near 2012, strong energies from throughout the multi-verses (many universes) and from within Mother Gaia enter the atmosphere of Earth. These energies must find relief, or repercussions occur upon the Earth's surface. These disturbances have many names - hurricanes, tornadoes, tidal waves. Every sentient being must take responsibility for what occurs, as all have the responsibility to hold the balance as the shift into higher gear occurs. The precious animals remain ready. They automatically tune to the Earth and to her many moods. People have many distractions and many times do not live in Source energy. Humans must tune into the hum of life, clues around them, and become responsive.

a.. Take time each day to center your self.
b.. Meditate and connect with your own Inner Being.
c.. Go within, enter your sacred heart.
d.. Love all sentient beings, including yourself.
e.. Appreciate all you know, see, and have.
f.. Know that you are precious and safe.
g.. Feel the joy and rest in the feeling of unconditional love.
As you rest in joy, you will become aware of a subtle shift - the shift from imbalance with its accompanying emotions of worry, anxiety, fear and discomfort. You will begin to feel joy and comfort. In your balance, give thanks and extend your gratitude to everyone and everything. Provide comfort from your heart to soothe any feelings. Send out love and the light of your sacred heart to other sentient beings.

When you begin to feel when the strong energies flow into the Earth's atmosphere, be aware; be alert and practice what you know, not what you see. Know that, even without a physical form you are safe. You are not your physicality, but a greater being, an aspect of divinity. Only part of your greater Self has been manifested physically. Your consciousness remains vast, but your current awareness rests in the physical dimension for that is where your opportunities for growth can come. At the same time, know yourself as the luminous being you have become and rejoice!


Jerry and Richela Chapman are professional educators, published authors, poets, and songwriters who create presentations, and facilitate workshops. Information on Sacred Relationship may be found in Through the Veil, a love story that chronicles their personal journey and discovery of Sacred Relationship. Order your copy online at www.outskirtspress. com/sacredrelati onship. Visit www.sacredrelations to learn about the authors and the book, or to receive our free newsletter.

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