sábado, dezembro 22, 2007

10 Rules for High Self Esteem

By Barbara Rose

1. Never say another degrading thing about yourself.

2. Say what you genuinely think, and how you honestly feel.

3. Never say what you think the other person wants to hear, or say
things to
get a reaction out of the other person.

4. Graciously and clearly express any upsetting feelings you have when
someone has treated you in a manner you do not like.

5. Clearly define your boundaries in your actions, rather than just in

6. Find three good qualities about yourself, and tell yourself what
every day.

7. Your daily work must be your daily joy. It must be what you are
to do, and what comes as natural to you as breathing.

8. When something does not feel right to you in your gut, no matter
your five senses tell you, follow your gut feelings.
9. Find every reason why what makes you so different and unique is
your greatest assets.

10. Always keep the kid in you alive with pure loving compassion,
and unconditional love. Explore. Have fun doing the small things you
love to
do. Splash in the rain, roll in the grass, go fishing, collect sea
paint, play chess, and know it is perfectly okay to have a day where
nothing but sleep and rest.

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