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Exercise For Forgiveness and Letting Go

Exercise For Forgiveness and Letting Go
by William York

Many times our less positive past experiences can seem to be
overwhelming and create a less than balanced experience in the present. This
healing meditation is designed to allow you direct access to the energetic
component of all of your past experiences and allow you to not only
gain the benefit of forgiveness, but give you the opportunity to let go of
the past. I highly recommend that you work on only one experience at a
time. If you are working on numerous experiences with a particular
individual I suggest you work on only one experience at a time. Please
read this entire meditation through several times before beginning. If at
any point you feel very uncomfortable during the meditation you should
not continue.

It is important that before starting that you find a quiet, comfortable
place to sit/lay where you will not be disturbed for at least 45
minutes. I find it helpful to take a good hot shower (not a bath!) before
starting. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. It is best to wait at
least three to four hours after eating before beginning. I find that
this meditation is really best done in the early evening. After
finishing you will need a good rest. You may wish to skip dinner altogether and
to have someone else (if possible) have some soup ready for you when
you are done. It is important that after finishing that you allow
yourself at least 2 to 4 hours of rest. You will have transmuted a great deal
of energy and your physical body will be tired. Also, while you will
have made substantial progress in healing, the rest will allow you to
not revisit the issue for several hours. When you awake you will notice a
substantial clearing of energy in regards to your issue.

You will always be able to go back to the experience but you will have
the strength to see it in a new light. However, once the issue is
resolved I highly recommend that you just let it go. See it for the learning
experience that it is and move on in gratitude.

This process is not about judging or blaming others. This is a very
powerful meditation and the energies at work here are very real. Judging
or blaming others during this meditation will only prolong your healing
and make it that much more difficult to release these energies in the

1. While sitting in your meditation place pick an issue. It is probably
best to pick a simple one until you are familiar with the process. For
most people the first time the issue usually picks itself.

2. If you have a standard practice to begin your meditation that puts
you in a relaxed an open place you can use this to begin.

3. Now begin to focus on your breathing. Follow the in and out breath
without attempting to control the breath. Do this for 8 to 10

4. Next we will do a series of affirmations in conjunction with the
breath work. It is important to focus on the energy connected with these
affirmations as you are breathing. The first part of each affirmation is
the same and you will repeat the words on the in breath. The second
part of each one is different and you will repeat it on the out breath.
All three are done in order and the order is repeated each time. You
repeat the affirmations in order 1, 2, and 3 and then start at 1 again. Do
the affirmations for about 15 minutes.

* (in breath) I Am
* (out breath) Whole and Complete
* (in breath) I Am
* (out breath) As God created Me
* (in breath) I Am
* (out breath) Completely Safe

5. Now you will want to focus on the experience that you chose at the
beginning. It is important to remember that this time during this
experience you are in complete control. Now begin to replay the experience in
your mind. Focus in a very clear and objective way on the
conversation(s) you had and as best you can remember what each of you said.

6. When you finish replay only your portion of the conversation. If you
see (and you will) places where you treated the other person unfairly,
were rude, or just went on a relentless attack you will want to
sincerely offer an apology and ask for forgiveness. Prepare the content of
your apology and imagine placing it inside a beautifully wrapped package.
Take this package and place it front of the person (in your mind). Bow
three times and each time say I am sorry. Then leave. (Again in your
mind) You are not concerned with what happens to the package or what
they do with. Your focus should be on making a sincere, no strings
attached apology.

7. Take a few minutes to breathe and repeat the affirmations for 1 to 2
minutes. You just want to recompose for the next step and not lose

8. Now replay their portion of the conversation. This time be
absolutely quiet. Try to forget your original reaction. It sometimes helps to
see yourself as an uninterested third party taking notes. Listen very
carefully. Now replay it again and focus on the point the other was trying
to convey. Think about how you would convey the same point. When they
are finished thank them for sharing in the most sincere way you can.
Now ask them if there is anything else they would like to say. Very often
you will receive a great deal of insight into your relationship(s) at
this point. So, Listen carefully!

9. Next you need to imagine their entire conversation as a whole piece.
Allow the conversation to take whatever energetic form that seems
appropriate. Remember you are not being attacked here but merely listening
to what was expressed without any judgment.

10. While looking at this energetic package begin to watch your
breathing and repeat the affirmations. When you are ready you need to allow
this package to fully enter your heart center. Continue to breath and
repeat the affirmations. Very soon you will experience a deep sense of
peace. When you do look into the eyes of the person and say:

11. I have fully received your wondrous gift. Thank you for taking the
time to share your wisdom with me.

12. I am most grateful for your gift, but it is no longer something I

13. Now look deeply into your heart center, repeat the affirmations,
and allow the energy you received to turn into pure love and light. Now
repeat these words:

14. I have transmuted your gift into pure love and I joyfully return it
to you in the fullness of love and joy

15. Now imagine that this new gift of love is flowing from your heart
center to theirs. When the transfer is complete say:

16. I am honored to have shared this learning opportunity with you. May
all beings be blessed by the love we have shared today.

17. Thank them again and return to your heart center. Focus on your
breathing and begin the affirmations again. Do this for about 3 minutes or
less. Slowly bring yourself out of your meditation. Stand up, and when
you are ready bow one time and thank the universe for this healing

Special Note From William York: I have been working with Reiki since
1984 and for the last 25 years have been actively supporting others on
their individual paths. Through silent meditation and Reiki my work is
directed towards giving each individual the tools she or he needs to
remember and experience the fullness of their own divine being. Peace lives
inside each of us. Are you ready to unlock the door?

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