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Energise Self to Attract Others

Electricity helps the ions in the iron rod to align to become a magnet,
which becomes so powerful that,
It can lift 20 times its own weight.
Same is the case with human beings. When their thoughts, actions, body, mind
and soul gets aligned
Towards a particular want, it simply attracts it.

What is than that electricity in humans, which can cause this? It is focus
on the want and creating value
For all around. When you focus on your goals, universal energy flows! We
take the right action for the
Right attraction! We attract the right conditions and people around us. To
such conditions and people
When we first give, we focus on the present and those around us and thus,
their goodwill, support and
Blessings start working on us positively, adding to our positive thoughts
and actions. Positivism surrounds
Us inside out and thus the result is positive.

When we focus and pay attention to fear, complaining and condemning, the
energy inside being negative,
We emanate emotions, which repel that, which is good. The choice to be
positive or negative is ours and
Accordingly, we manifest things as per our thoughts in our mind. You have a
choice. Focus on positivism
And solutions or negativity and problems. And that is exactly that you will

Sharing with others causes caring from others, which adds to our value.
Relationships thus built, spreads
Goodwill about us though slow. Thus, ask yourself the following questions:

What do I do today to add value to what I have done yesterday___ ?

What God given values should I able that attract valuables___ ?

We are made up of 5 elements of nature and the whole of nature only gives.
Only man is conditioned for ‘Dil Mange More’ – thus never satisfied.
Live naturally and give like nature to attract the abundance in the
When you become a part of nature, you blend with mother Earth which just
goes on giving to the
Mankind, though it has been taking from her for so many years. Once you
blend with mother Earth,
You become a part of it and start to attract the abundance which finally is

Ajit Kaikini - Director, Growth & Corporate Trainer
A motivational speaker who motivates his participants
To better their best!

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