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Clearing Negative Karmic Influences, Haunting, Spirits and Ghosts


Clearing negative karmic influences is not easy since you must use a
multi-step process to be successful. As with any situation in life, the

forces at work which create the phenomena are three fold:
1)The built up of forces in an environment,
2) The maintenance of those energies, and
3) The dissolution of those forces in order to create a more positive
cycle of living. Stage three will take intelligent and will power.

If what you are dealing with is difficult, pervasive or very intense
you may need help from professionals, such as, a Priest, Lama, Minister,
spiritual or religious community and/or other qualified persons.

The information provided here can be beneficial, but must be used with
We cannot offer any guarantees or proofs since it is experiential, and
not scientific in nature.

Read and use this information at your own risk. Use good judgment in
applying what you read. We are not responsible for the application of
this information in any way, shape or form legal, moral or ethical. Always
consult an appropriate professional before taking any actions yourself.

We strongly urge to you purchase a copies of the following books:

1. Battling Dark Forces
2. The Psyche and Psychism and
3.Karma and Reincarnation by Torkom Saraydarian.

These works provide excellent resources about these subjects by an
authoritative spiritual teacher. He worked for over 60 years in these
areas of human knowledge.

You have sought this information because a crisis exists which you are
seeking to resolve and dissolve. First, once must use your mind, good
judgment and ask, "How did this negative spirit, force, experience come
to be here. " If you cannot see a clear pattern, such as, intense anger,
hatred(aversion to things or experiences), greed, strong lust (desire),

pride or ignorance. Continue to observe your mind, emotions and
physical actions.

The laws Karma are based on cause and effect. Whatever, has created
this negative influence in your life and environment must be cleared at the
causal level. Temporary solutions will not effectively clear the deeper
root causes of negative forces being in one's life.

First, do an assessment by writing down what is happening just before
or during a negative event, such as, a visitation, or some "haunting"
expedience. What happened that day. Were there fights, hurt feelings,
anger, hatred, illicit drug usage, or other harmful actions taking place? Keep
track of these events, both internally, meaning in your inner world,
and externally, meaning your physical environment by making a journal.
Write events down factually. Do this for several weeks.

Next, what can you do to remove these negative forces in your life?
Will prayer, meditation, counseling, reading, studying and practicing a life
of greater virtue, joy, goodness, Loving-kindness, serenity, forgiveness
and gratitude bring relief? Will these positive ways of living create the
causes of healing the suffering in your life and the lives of those around
you? Is the company you keep? What kinds of images from the movies and TV are
you filling your mind with. What about the books you are reading. And, very
importantly what places do you visit?

Are you spending time with people who are full of anger, harmful
thoughts and feelings, or who are largely in hatred, fear, greed, jealousy, and
strong earthly desires? Make a list and write it down. Be honest with
yourself. Are there unhealed . emotional traumas which might be seeking
attention. Be sure to review the series on Healing Trauma, since this
might be very helpful.

Once we have an understanding of the causes and are beginning to remove
them, a lasting impact can be made on removing ghosts, visitations,
negative karmic events and disruptions to happiness and well being in your life.

The next stage is what you are seeking most, happiness, freedom from
others imposing themselves upon your life and the ability to create a positive
life for yourself.

If you are having ghosts, spirits, or entities either human and
non-human disturbing your home, office, holy place or neighborhood, you must take
a look at the physical environment as well.

These things attract negative entities and should be removed:


Addictive drugs, burning or lying around.

Ugly images

Dead or dying things of all kinds

Household garbage

Books on negative subjects, black magic, racism, persecution or other
harmful topics.

Furniture, clothing and objects which have been owned by people before
you who may have infused them with negativity. This may include jewelry,
furniture, clothing, art objects, beds or bedding and so forth.
Especially anything purchased from garage sales, thrift-stores, or second hand
Items of this type, with the exception of jewelry and objects made of
metals or stone can be incensed daily for several weeks. Use frankincense,
alternating with sandalwood.

If you cannot clear the negative influence this way, discard it. What
is more important, your happiness and well being or having some old thing?
Many spiritual teachers recommend one not wear hand me down clothes from
people who you do not know or who may have a negative influences in their

Sometimes a home or building has been occupied by people who attracted
negative influences into their life. If you occupy such a place you may
be experiencing some "residue" of these negative patterns. This can
include dark or negative emotional or thoughts which accumulate in the space in
and around the building. It also may include "ghosts" or beings who are
prone to whatever influence the previous occupants had in their lives. You will
not experience peaceful living there until this is cleansed.

The final stage is dissolution of negativity and creation of healthy,
positive, loving influences. Of course the list could be very long. Our
teachers have often recommended the following ways to create a happy
life, full of blessings.

When we were confronted by a negative being or "spirit" in one of our
homes back in 1995, a very knowledgeable spiritual teacher, Lama Drimed
suggested the we create a small shrine or altar. This should include pictures of
saints, teachers, holy people you are connected to. Also, light
(candles or electrified), fragrances (more on this later) , offerings of water,
incense, food, sacred and texts/prayers, positive sounds, such as a gong or
Tingsha bells and a rosary, Mala or prayer beads.

Creating a shrine did help tremendously in clearing out the unwanted
"guest" who had been there for years. The previous owners of the home may have
attracted it since they gave us an uneasy, creepy feeling when we met
them for the first time. All kinds of strange events occurred there prior to
doing this.

Another very powerful method is to play protective, uplifting and
purifying music such as, Gregorian chants , mantra , devotional songs. If the
haunting is intense or wrathfully negative you will need to persist for weeks,
and maybe even months. Periodic repetition of this music monthly is highly
recommended. The titles Sacred Chants for Peace and Happiness, Voice of

Tibet, Eternal Om the best for very persistent and difficult haunting.
All of these can be found in our music department.

Mahakala Protector Chants. Mahakalas, also known as Dharmapalas, are
powerful protectors for the spiritual practitioner from all kinds of
obstacles. Mahakalas have a strong connection to the Karma Kagyu
Tradition, one of the four great schools of Tibetan Buddhism, of which the 17th
Karmapa is the guiding force. Mahakalas can tame mental obscurations or aid in
overcoming difficulties arising one's life which prevent living a good
They also are noted for clearing obstacles from the mind-stream. This
is a Double CD, good to play in the morning before you start your day, or in
the evening. It is recommended to play this three days prior to and
throughout the 24 hour full moon periods.

Play the music continuously and very softly during the evening while
you sleep for the first month. Some days are more effective for maintenance
of this practice, such as from the new moon to the full moon period. Also,
playing this music during the three days preceding and following any
full moon, Saturday and Sunday evenings are also helpful. The Spring time
period from April - June is powerful as well.

Incense can be one of the most effect for methods for temporary and
permanent relief. For long term relief you will need to burn it
regularly once a day for several months. After a period of serenity in you life
burn it at least 3-5 times a week, but no less than every other day.

All beings are very sensitive to fragrance, sound. Thought and color.
Some fragrance, such as sandalwood, eucalyptus, frankincense and rose oil
are highly effective at both repelling negative influences while attracting

positive influences.

The best incense to burn initially is very good to excellent quality
sandalwood. Sandalwood is good for purifying the mental atmosphere. But
for the emotional atmosphere, where the problem may be anchored you will
need blends of sage. One of the best is Frankincense, or a blend with
primarily Frankincense. Try these selections since they are clean burning, do not
use a bamboo stick and are very pure, thus not so smoky or having fillers
which may irritate you lungs:

Rei-Ryoko is traditionally used as a daily Zen Meditation incense.

Kobunboku Select Grade Sandalwood Incense..

Frankincense Bulk incense is the best quality, but it should be use
AFTER the use of Sandalwood for at least several weeks. Once the Sandalwood
incense has been used regularly, then transition to alternating between
the two varieties or other types which you may also enjoy.

We caution against buying cheap incense commercially since it is always
made with low quality ingredients many of which are actually very bad for
your respiratory health.

Incense can be burned in a holder while walking through your home,
office or other place carrying the incense from room to room while reciting
powerful prayers. Saying a favorite protective prayer provides one of the most
power double doses of healing power. Prayers which evoke protection, the
presence of Great Beings, such as Buddhas, Christ, Protective Saints, and
certain angelic beings are the best.

One of the most powerful prayers is contained in this text, called the
Great Invocation. One of my teacher's recommended that one get to know if and
use it daily, ten times for the first month, or until the crisis passes. If
you say the Great Invocation while carrying the incense and blessings
around the home or office, it will produce very beneficial results.

It is important that you are praying and meditating daily. We offer
many good tools to support you in this healing, blessing and uplifting set
of daily self-care and rituals.

Prayers for Peace, Healing and Upliftment

Prayers, Mantra and Invocations gathered by Torkom Saraydarian and the
staff of AEG. This text represents the most comprehensive and diverse
collection of prayers and mantra from every major spiritual and religious
Many of these are rare prayers, and quite those difficult to find. This
collection has taken three decades to assemble. A total of 106 prayers
and mantra collected from many sacred writings. You can use this booklet
for four times of meditation and prayer. 109 pages, spiral bound. Included
is one set of five prayers flags, plus an explanation of the meaning of
prayer flags.
Cultivate and learn to use a prayer wheel for daily blessings in your
It is said to increase positive karma hundreds and thousands of times.
It is no more difficult than turning the wheel while repeating your prayers.
How much more easily can one create a positive and happy life.

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While doing a google search in "The Great Invocation" I noticed an old blogpost of your containing its words.

I write today to let you know of three books I have written about this wonderful mantram.
They are part of the "Compass of Light" series which examines the truly unique linguistic features of the Invocation.

The books are available in PDF format at no charge at the follow site:


I hope you find them informative and welcome any feedback you may have concerning them.


PS: you may find it interesting to know that the most recent volume (#3) is dedicated to Torkom Saraydarian, a man whom I had the pleasure of meeting a few years before his passing and whose family I know very well.