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Angelina Jolie happy Birthday 4 june

Angelina Jolie Birthday Chart: Independence, Change in Coming Year

By Lynn Hayes
Jun 4, 2007

Angelina Jolie turns 32 years old today - happy birthday Angelina. There is no doubt that Angelina Jolie has had an intense two years. Although Angelina is a Gemini and therefore very accustomed to trying on different roles and personas, in her heart she longs for stability. Her astrological chart shows that Jupiter conjuncts her Moon and Mars in the warrior sign of Aries, describing her intensely independent nature.

Angelina Jolie Birthday Chart:
Independence, Change in Coming Year

And yet the planet Saturn which circumscribes our activitities and creates restrictions and limitations makes a square to those Aries planets, emphasizing the challenge for Angelina to achieve that stability. Still, Angelina has lucky Jupiter on her Midheaven which shows that she will always find good fortune in her career and public life, no matter what takes place in her more private moments.

Angelina has been going through some challenging planetary cycles over the past few years that have caused her to be restless and needing a great deal of change for the sake of change itself. This year her progressed Sun is exactly square to her natal Moon, which suggest that her emotional life (natal Moon) is particularly unsatisfying now. The progressed chart shows the chart of who we are today, and although Angie's Sun sign is Gemini, her progressed Sun has been in Cancer for the past thirteen years, demonstrating the need for an outlet for her maternal desires. Cancer is rising in her chart anyway, and the desire to nurture is strong within her. Unfortunately, though, the need to nurture is in conflict with the need of her Aries planets for individuality and freedom, and this conflict is being played out in her life today.

Over the past few months Angelina has been more in the public eye than ever, but from an astrological point of view she has been going through some tremendous transformation within herself. Although we think we know what she is experiencing through tabloid news, we don't see the inner personal workings that are transpiring behind the scenes. At the time of her mother's death back in the beginning of the year Angelina was going through some positive and healing planetary cycles. Although this was a difficult period for her, it is clear astrologically that there was some deep inner processing that took place as a result.

The Solar Return chart is the chart for the time that the Sun returns to its place in the birthchart, and gives us a general sense of what the next year will be like for any individual. Angelina's Solar Return chart has Gemini rising, suggesting that the next year will be a time of even more change and movement for her, not surprising in light of the jet setting that she and her partner Brad Pitt have done over the past few years. Saturn, the planet of stability, is exactly trine to the descendant (the point of partnership), which suggests that this could be the year that Angelina decides to formalize her relationship with Brad. Still, confusing and deceptive Neptune is right on the Midheaven in the Solar Return chart, indicating a lack of directness in the way Angelina portrays herself to the public eye. There will continue to be much mystery and drama surrounding all aspects of her public life, including both her acting roles and her private life which is oh-so-public.

Angelina will be as independent as ever this year, with Mars in the Solar Return chart in Aries and just past a conjunction with Mars in Aries in her own chart. She will have more energy than in the previous year, and will be more outspoken than in the past couple of years. The presence of Pluto in the seventh house of partnerships in the Solar Return chart suggests that relationships will be challenging and that there will be a loss of some kind. With Jupiter approaching a conjunction to the descendant, it is possible that she will enter into another relationship other than her primary partnership.

Still, overall this looks like it will be a positive year for Angelina and a time when she will more fully express herself in a more authentic way than ever before.

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