segunda-feira, junho 25, 2007

Discovering the Higher Purpose of Relationship..Orin DaBen

Discovering the Higher Purpose
of a Relationship
Meditation by Orin and DaBen

I relax and take a deep breath in,
letting relaxation
spread throughout my body.

I imagine sitting or lying in the sun.
Its rays of light
warm me to the core of my being.
Wonderful, nurturing light
moves through my body.

I imagine that I am bathing
in solar light,
the light of the soul of the sun,
the light of higher purpose.
All the cells being born
in my body right now
have a higher vibration
as I imagine this.

I call back to myself
any energy I have scattered
in the universe.
I feel centered and balanced.

From this place of inner peace
I ask my soul to link with me.
My soul joins its light with mine.
I am surrounded
by the loving presence of my Soul.

I think of a relationship in my life.
I let someone come into my mind.
I affirm that there is a
higher purpose to our relationship.

I am ready to know more
about our higher purpose
in being together.
Knowing more of our higher purpose
deepens and enriches our relationship.

I imagine that the other person
is standing in front of me.
I sense my soul, then
I sense the soul of my friend.

I now ask that more about
the higher purpose of our
relationship be revealed.

I ask,
"What have we come together to learn?

What are we here to create together?

What are we here to heal in each other?

What is this relationship teaching us?

What qualities am I and the other person
developing by being in this relationship?

How is this relationship assisting us
in growing stronger, more whole and complete within?

What are our soul's purposes for being together?"

I take time after each question
to get quiet and listen within for answers.

As I know the higher purpose of
our relationship,
I can cooperate fully with my soul
to manifest this higher purpose.

I recognize the light in this person.
I see this person's goodness.
I honor this person's soul.
I offer love and compassion,
to this person.

I increase the light in each of us
through my positive thoughts.
I release criticism
and accept this person as he/she is.

I now take time
to find out more
about the higher purpose
of my relationship with
one or more of the following people:

An important loved one;
a child,
a parent,
a grandparent,
an aunt and/or uncle,
a brother and/or sister,
a good friend,
a colleague,
an employee, or an employer.

I create my soul's purpose
in my relationships.
I delight in discovering
more about the higher purpose
of my relationships,
and in fulfilling our higher purpose
in being together.

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