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Removing Negative and Creating Positive Energy in Your Home

By Maria Shaw

In a past column, I've written about "energy vampires", those people who drain our energy when they're around us. Sometimes however, negative and unwanted energy can linger in our homes and personal spaces. At times, we can really feel it. Do you ever walk into a room or building and feel like you want to turn around and leave? Perhaps you feel "funny" or "weird" about the energy in a place. It's easier than one might think to get rid of unwanted energy by doing a what healers and metaphysicians call a "cleansing". There are several ways you can do this. Here's a few:

Smudging - This is one of the most common ways people get rid of unwanted energy. You can smudge a room with smoke. Many people use sage. They will light a small bundle and then go a round the perimeters of the room and move the smoke around with their hand or blow it around with their breathe. Some people use incense. This helps make a room "neutral".

Sprinkle salt - Some people sprinkle salt around all of the openings in their home such as the doors, windows, fireplaces, pet doors, etc.

Crosses over Doors - For years I have always put small wooden crosses over all of my doors. Being Catholic, this is part of our belief system for God's protection. I always heard that if you put crosses on the outside of your home, above all outside doors, it home would be protected form all damage, danger, etc. Luckily I had placed some on my dad's house one year. When a huge tornado went through our neighborhood in 1997, it flattened my dad's barn and went right over his house and took the tree out in the front yard. Insurance agents and damage assessors couldn't believe the house was not damaged at all! I too have never had any problems with my house during storms, etc. I believe they also keep negative energy away.

Noise - Sometimes, people will use noise to clear a room. You should start in the center of the room first and clap your hands together very loudly and firmly. Make your way around the room as you clap. The noise helps stagnant energy start moving.

Holy Water - Many people use holy water and sprinkle or spray it around the room as they say a prayer or affirmation feel that's very important that when you pray or affirm your intentions, you speak out loud in a strong forceful manner.

I use crystals and gemstones a lot to work with energy fields too. If you have a large quartz crystal, it is a good idea to place it in the center of a room. I also crystals around my house to dispel any unwanted energies and reinforce positive ones. I keep a large raw chunk of rose quartz on my front porch year round. Rose quartz is great for drawing a loving vibration to you!

Many people have a difficult time meditating, It's hard for us to get our minds to stop racing and slow down long enough so our bodies can relax. Meditation is a wonderful tool. Many of you have my meditation CD Enchanting Moments (available through my website's store.) It is a great tool for beginners that will help teach them to meditate and most importantly relax. It has three tracks, a color therapy, healing and relaxing track and then a Meet Your Angel Meditation in which you can greet and receive messages from your Guardian angels. If you want to use meditation to help you unlock your intuition, this next piece is something you'll find interesting!

Developing Your Psychic Powers Through Meditation
By Maria Shaw

One of the best ways for beginners to open their psychic "third eye" is to learn to meditate. You need to clear your mind of any outside thoughts and be quiet and still, inside and out. This takes practice. It can take a while to learn how to easily slip into this state of relaxation. It's important to get your mind to relax. If it's cluttered and busy, your subconscious mind cannot work through all of the mess to deliver messages.

Prepare to Meditate

When you first begin to meditate, you should find a private place in your home in which you won't be disturbed. It should be a sacred space. There should be no televisions, radios or computers in the room and you should use it only for meditation. Keep this area clean and clutter-free. Turn off your telephone and answering machine and make sure no one will disturb or interrupt you. If you like, you may have a little shrine or altar in this space. Perhaps you want to display a photo of Jesus or a statue of the Virgin Mary or another spiritual figure. Always take a bath or shower before you meditate so you are clean. Some people burn incense or candles. Others put crystals and flowers in the room.


It is important that you find a comfortable and proper position to meditate. Most people sit upright with their spine straight and erect. You don't want your body to be stiff, only relaxed. You should always be comfortable. If you have a comfy chair, use it. Some people have a small three legged meditation stool. Others sit on the floor. Remember, I want you to feel comfortable so use what works for you.

You really shouldn't meditate while lying down because it's easy to doze off and fall into a deep sleep. Your breathing isn't as controlled either. Breathing is one of the most important tools to create a positive meditation.


When you breathe during a meditation it is important your concentrate on your breath. The first thing you should do, is take a deep, slow breathe. Then slowly exhale. Do this several times. Do not try to hold your breathe. Never do anything that makes you feel dizzy or uncomfortable during your meditation. If you get a headache, then stop and try to meditate later in the day. As you inhale, visualize yourself inhaling a beautiful white light, a light of peace. Feel as if every breathe you take in, you are breathing in joy, peace and harmony. As you exhale, breathe out any anxiousness, anger or hurt you have felt earlier in the day or are hanging onto. As you breathe in, know that you are taking in cosmic energy.

Eyes Closed?

You probably see pictures of people meditating with their eyes closed. Most people will fall asleep if they keep their eyes closed during a meditation. I suggest you keep your eyes half open. Perhaps focus your eyes on a pleasing object in your sacred space such as a flower or a photo.

Preparing and Focusing One's Mind

The most important part of meditation is to clear your mind. This is also the hardest thing to do. But once you learn to do it, it becomes second nature. You need to calm and empty your mind. Think of nothing, even if it's only for a few moments. Then increase the time to a few minutes, then ten or fifteen minutes. If it helps, visualize an empty TV screen. See nothing. Expect nothing. Concentrate on this empty screen.

When you feel you have achieved a relaxed or divine state of being, ask your mind some questions. Better yet, see what comes in...what thoughts or messages come. Ask your angel or spirit guide to channel messages. If there is anything that doesn't seem right to you or if you feel negative energy around you, immediately put the white light around your body and refuse to process or validate that thought. Think only divine, good and pure thoughts. When you're ready to come out of the meditation, come out slowly and become more aware of your breathing. Slowly return to a relaxed, conscious state. You may want to write down some of the messages and thoughts that came to you in the meditation

By learning to meditate, you're opening your higher self to receive messages. Your psychic abilities will grow and you'll be able to connect to a clear channel when you give readings or use your intuitive abilities. Meditation can also help relax and reduce stress.

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