sexta-feira, junho 08, 2007


If you want your life to be something other than it
is right now, your only true option is change.
Change takes courage and isn't easy, especially if
you're feeling safe and secure with the way
things are.

The hardest part about change is instigating it.
This feels risky, but once you take that first step
you set things in motion.

Today, is your day to take that first step and stop
letting life push you around, Today, is the day you
take charge of the changes you need to make in
your life.

Start by identifying small things that you would
like to change, just tiny things-things that are
holding you back. Make a promise to yourself.
Then stick to that promise to yourself.
Then, stick to that promise and watch yourself
change. As you tackle small changes, your
confidence will grow. You'll find that bigger
changes don't seem insurmountable. And most
important, that change is rewarding and fun,
after all!

What you care about determines precisely where your life will go. The enormous power of your time and your attention will build and strengthen whatever it is you care about most.
Do you care most about making sure you get to see your favorite television show? Then you'll most certainly succeed in watching the flickering screen as life passes by. Or do you care about making a positive difference in the life of each person you encounter? Then you'll find a way to do precisely that.
If what you care about most is just getting through the day with as little effort as possible, that is exactly what will happen. If you truly care about getting specific things accomplished, then those things will indeed be done.
What you care about is evidenced not so much by what you say, but by what actions you actually take. Take a look around at the life you've fashioned for yourself, and you'll be able to easily see the things you truly care about.
Pay close attention to, and be aware of, what you care about most. Because that is what will happen for you.

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