quarta-feira, junho 20, 2007

Suggestions for healing affirmations

Hello, I found these in a folder which has been out of sight for
years. They are not taken from the Affirmation course link posted a
few days ago. I hope they'll be helpful.

I am new and renewed.
I release all past problems
I have all new ways of thinking
I release all people and experiences that offend me
Infinite strength is always available to me
I am enthusiastic about life
I am equal to any task given to me
My energy is balanced
I move with ease
I am confident of myself
Moving forward in life is fun and easy
I trust my life to be perfect for me
I am relaxed
I face life easily
All is well in all I do
I feel safe in everything I do
I am moving forth with confidence
I have the courage to experience life
New things are exciting to me
I love my abdomen because it helps me nourish my life
I love and respect my body
I bless my food and it blesses me
My body is beautiful
I am attractive
My body is light and free
My body uses only nutrients that make me healthy
I feel good when I make decisions
I understand new ideas
I start new projects and finish them easily
Right action is taking place in my life
I feel easy about my life
My life is focused on my goals
I have peace of mind
I know I can have good experiences
I let go of the past
I am wothy of good things
I love life and life is good to me
People love me for who I am
My life is positive and good
I approach life in new and different ways
I have confidence in myself
I am relaxed and in control
I am at peace
I am centered and at peace in all things
I face the world squarely
I feel firmly planted in my environment
I release all stress to perfect harmony
I simplify my life
I am my own best friend
I am relaxed and calm
I make my own choices
I love my lungs because they give me the breath of life
My chest expands freely
I love life
I am worthy of the pleasures offered to me
I am flexible in my attitudes
I give and take when interacting with people
My life is filled with fun and goodness
I am living in the present
I am calm
I let go
I release all past emotional stress
I am in control of my life
I support myself in my life's experiences
I am free of the demands of others
My needs in life are taken care of
I look forward to the future with joy
New experiences are easy for me
Change is easy for me
I am flexible to new ideas
I let this day go and bless its experiences
Tomorrow will bring a fresh start for me
I relax and rest in spirit
I trust my life to take care of me
I have released this day
I slip into perfect peace
I release my stress
I feel good about what I do
I enjoy my life
I flow with my life's experiences
I love what I do
I love myself
I am peaceful
I easily release all tension with love
I feel joy in my life
I love my life
I change my life by changing my thinking
I am a sage as i move through life
I forgive everyone and everything
I bend with ease when choices are not mine
I am flexible in my thinking
I allow others to live there lives as they choose
I do not expect anything from anyone
I feel happy
I love those close to me
I enjoy my life
I am at peace and secure
I approve of myself
Expressing emotions frees my life
I am flexible in all that i do
I am relaxed and at peace
I see all sides of any issue
My flexible life approach opens doors for me
I trust my decision to be true to myself
I balance my life with work and play
I feel centered in my life
I look forward to my life's goals
My home and family life are balance
I am strong and happy
My body stays strong at all times
I am easily in control
My muscles relax when I breathe
I am calm as I speak
I am secure and safe
I feel good about my future
I move forward with honesty
I am prosperous and secure
Life treats me well
I am true to my own values
I relax and enjoy life
I experience fully all that I do
I have the courage to step out in life
I understand where I am going
Life flows through me with ease
I think things through easily and completely
I love life to the fullest
My emotions are functioning in perfect harmony
I am able to handle my success
My creativity gives me joy
I express myself easily
I speak up for what I think
I am excited about what I am doing
I see new things at every turn
I am awake to new ways of thinking
Joy is expressed through me every day
I have a happy, active life
I am alert, alive and fully rested
I release all tensionin life
Life is a joy for me
I let all people in my life carry their own burdens
I arise to the challenge of unlimited opportunities
I am relaxed and enjoy life
I love to be in control of my life
I love being who I am
I love and approve of myself
I am in control of my life

Affirmations can be used with reiki. There are several processes.
What is important to remember is that an affirmation, and Reiki need
to be backed up with a commitment-- -This may involve lifestyle
changes. The affirmation and intention may start our motivation and
the flow of opportunities, but we need to be ready. We need
acceptance and continued action. A saw tooth progression is common.
Long term effort gets results. (Please do not intend or affirm what
you are not ready to accept in your life.)


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