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The Twelve Conditions Of A Miracle - Todd Michael

This extraordinary new understanding of the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes reveals within the original Greek twelve practical methods orliving a life that is purposeful and plentiful.
In meticulously re-translating the biblical Miracle of the
Loaves and Fishes, author and physician Todd Michael made an astonishing discovery:

Below the surface-deep within the subtleties of the original Greek-lies an obscured layer of
information. Here, the actual technique of the miracle is revealed in the form of twelve precise and attainable steps to extraordinary living.

Todd Michael,, has served as the medical director of
an emergency room and level-three trauma center. A popular national
speaker, Michael is the author of four books, including The Evolution
Angel. He lives in Colorado.

What are the twelve conditions of a miracle?

I. Emptiness. Calmly release whatever you are withholding from the world: Giving creates a vacuum for more to flow in.

II. Alignment. Shift to a mind-set of compassion and the greater good; move from concern over yourself to the concerns of others.

III. Asking. Clarify your true needs. If you don't clearly put your request into words, the universe won't even know to respond.

IV. Maximizing. Make full use of your existing tools, resources, and blessings. Whatever you focus on expands.

V. Giving. What flows away from you flows back magnified: Become a joyful giver.

VI. Grounding. Experience the present moment as much as possible. A solid grounding in the present establishes a firm base from which to act - and receive.

VII. Visualizing. Using all of your senses, see and feel yourself having the feelings and experiences that form the basis of your wish.

VIII. Gratitude. Bless your resources. Express your feelings of gratitude in words.

IX. Acting as If. Stop procrastinating. Take the leap of faith and act as though your new reality has already manifested.

X. Engaging the Cycle. When you receive, immediately look for a way to give something back. Work with the circular energy flow that characterizes our universe.

XI. Receiving. Eat and be filled. The art of adequate receiving is often overlooked.

XII. Recycling. Gather up the fragments: Reuse all of your physical resources.

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