sexta-feira, junho 01, 2007

Finding Your Light In the Dark

Upside down, Inside out
Shaken to and fro
All around and about

I want to yell and scream
And wail and shout
This isn't fair!
Please get me out!

I feel as if I'm in a prison
The walls are so high
The bars are thick and heavy
I just want to cry

Why is this happening to me?
It just isn't right
How did I get here?
Trapped in this plight

I hear them asking me
Why are you screaming?
Why are you beating yourself up?
Why are you wailing and fearing?

You feel locked in a cage
And yet you are free
The door is right in front of you
In your hand lies the key

My head is pounding
Full of the dark's great winds
They blow hard and heavy
And feel like cold, sharp pins

My head feels like a bowling ball
Attached by a spring to a reed
My neck strains to hold it upright
To give it the support it does need

As it lolls backward and forward
And around and around
I wonder how much longer it will take
Before it falls to the ground

I feel like a floppy doll
Being held up by a string
Who is doing the holding?
I thank them for the strength they do bring

They tell me not to fight it
That the dark is my friend
Like fire burning some wood
It both gives light and does end

The life of the stick
Which seconds before was a match
But the match had to die
For the life that is light to then hatch

Lightness and darkness
Two sides of the same coin
You cannot have one without the other
They are two forces that join

I once used to say
I don't believe in anything but light
I thought dark was bad, to be avoided
Something to run from and fight

So I would sit there with my matchstick
And pray with good intent
For the light to come into my life
For some rays to be sent

I wanted the flame
I wanted a fire so strong
But I didn't want to burn any wood
So I kept holding my matchstick
I held it for so very long

I thought that one day
I would work it all out
How to have fire and light
Without giving in to fear and the doubt

I didn't realise that
You can't pick and choose
Either accept all of yourself
Or it's your whole self you'll lose

I didn't realise this till
The lesson was thrown upon me
The one who didn't want to light her matchstick
Found herself in a burning tree

The flames were burning me and warming me
And providing me with light
They were scalding and hot
And making my dark world so bright

Everything I had feared and dreamed of
Was around me ablaze
Intense though it was I faced it
And started to see clearly right through the haze

I sat in the tree
And finally got it
The lesson my spirit knew
But the one my head had forgotten

Everything has a flip side
And nothing is complete
Without its shadow partner
Keeping you on your feet

Without sadness we wouldn't know
What happiness is
Without frustration we wouldn't feel compelled
To find our passion and joy within

Without delays we would never know
How to learn the lesson of patience
Abundance we'd take for granted
Without budget cuts and rations

Roadblocks and obstacles
Send us looking for signs
We find faith and our intuition
And connect with the divine

When you have the courage to walk
Through the dark night of your soul
Your true self awaits you
And you'll finally feel whole.


Dana Mrkich is a writer, energy reader and spiritual intuitive. She has provided hundreds of readings to clients all around the world and now specializes in Email Readings, channeling pages of guidance from your guides and higher consciousness. Her first book A New Chapter is due out later this year. For more info, or to subscribe to her newsletter, please email dana@danamrkich. com or visit: www.danamrkich. com.

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