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Law of Attraction Most Frequently asked Questions

Listen as Bob Doyle, Teacher from The Secret,

answers the MOST FREQUENTLY asked



Here is the Transcript to the Above Recording

Topics Covered:

Gratitude Lists – What Are They And How Do I Use It?

EFT and Using Negative Phrases – How can that work?

Negative People – Can They Affect your Ability to Attract?

Relationships – When Two Disagree on the Law of Attraction

Attracting Specific People

The Lottery – How To Manifest a Win

The Flightwaves Meditations – How to Use Them

How Many Things To Focus on During Meditation

Why do bad things happen?

Inspired Action And Why You'll Need to Take It

"It's not working…" – I've been doing this x months, but nothing's changed, and in fact has gotten worse!

Hello and welcome to what I'm calling Coaching FAQ #1. While this very similar to the Coaching Seminars in the members area, they are not based on specific questions as much as they are a type of question I tend to get all the time.

The topics I cover are listed on the page you downloaded this audio from and these truly questions I get all the time, so I'll be you've had at least one of the questions in the past, or have them now.

My hope is that I can concisely as possible, give you the answers you're looking for without turning this into a 90 minute audio. Nearly all of these questions could be the topics of their own seminar or even teleseminar, but I hope to give you the basic information you need to feel like you have a better understanding of the topic.

So let's go.

When I'm interviewed, and in the Wealth Beyond Reason book and lectures I talk a lot about gratitude, because most simply, a grateful attitude with attract more things for you to be grateful for. It's almost too easy.

I also talk about Gratitude Lists – a little in our books, and a lot when I work with Carol Look, because she really understands the importance of gratitude and it's significant impact on you vibration at many levels.

A gratitude list is simply that. A list that you create on a regular basis of ALL the things you are grateful for in your life. Not just the big things, but all the little things as well, because when you can really feel the gratitude for something we take for granted like having dinner on the table every night, then that feelings still has a powerful impact on your "I'm grateful vibration".

The idea is to go beyond all the things that you might immediately think of, though you should write all those down too, and to really recognize how wonderful you do have it, even if you're dealing with challenges that seem overwhelming.

Again, you should do this on a regular basis – even daily. We tell you to do this because it just absolutely can change your life so quickly – something this simple as recognizing and acknowledging and FEELING the nearly countless blessings you have in your life. It not only gives you great perspective, but it fine-tunes your vibration into an abundance

magnet more quickly than just about any other technique – because there's not generally a great deal of resistance around gratitude.

Next. A very common question to those who are new to EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, involves the use of negatively worded setup phrases. The thinking is that if we keep confirming those negative statements, aren't we just attracting more of it? The

answer is NO – because you're not DWELLING in the negative feelings. You're simply tuning into them so that the actual EFT tapping process works on specifically the feeling you want to neutralize.

If those feelings are there, then pushing them down or trying to justify them will NOT serve you. You can speak positively and do all the other happy smiley law of attraction things, but if you harbor resistance, in the form of these limiting beliefs or negative thoughts, you will not be able to fully align with the life you're most likely trying to attract.

By tuning into these emotions very specifically, we then have direct access to them via EFT – but if we try to deny those emotions, and don't really allow ourselves to tune into them, the process is only working on the level of emotion that you DID conjure up, and your results will be limited.

By the same token, the use of positive phrases works because if you don't BELIEVE the positive phrases you're saying, the resistance will surface and you'll be tuned into it. So it doesn't really matter if the phrases are negative or positive. What matters is your emotional reaction whatever phrases you're using, and it's ability to really let you tune in

on the Energy system that you want balanced out.

There's no one right way to do this, and EFT practioners around the world approach the technique differently, but what's going on is the same. They're helping people – through whatever verbal method – tune into an emotion, and then they're doing the actual physical procedure. Obviously that may vary in places, but overall this hopefully addresses the whole negative statement issue and why EFT practitioners tend to do things

so differently. The end result is what's most important.

Another one:

Can negative people affect your ability to attract what you want?

The answer is really very simple. They can, but only to the extent that you allow them to. That is, if you're emotions are affected negatively by other people, and you allow that negative feeling to perpetuate, then you must realize that you will attract accordingly.

That's not to say that it's realistic to expect that NO ONE should ever occur as negative to you, but what matters in terms of YOUR ability to attract, is what's going on with YOUR vibration, which doesn't have to be affected by other people's words, opinions, or attitudes, though it's totally understanding that for most people, we DO let those things at

least have some level of impact.

However, we have a tool with EFT that allows us to quickly manage those negative feelings as they come up. What will occur is that your vibration will be so OUT of alignment with those negative people that they will show up less and less in your life.

This leads directly into another common question about relationships.

If one person embraces these principles, and another – perhaps a spouse – doesn't, then it is not the job of either one of them to try to "convert" the other. Of course, that's what typically happens.

And in my experience, because of what I do, I'm generally hearing from the spouse that has really woken up to him or herself, has a clear vision for themselves which may be radically different than how they are now – and has totally embraced the principles of the Law of Attraction – but their spouse thinks it's nonsense. What do you do?

Well, I address this in many other places in the Wealth Beyond Reason program that I don't want to get too detailed now. But basically, you have to accept that a) you attracted that person into your life appropriately at the time that you did and b) that we cannot make a person do something or believe something they don't want to believe.

At this point, you have a choice to make – but the most important thing that you should not be attached to any specific outcome which involves CHANGING the other person. There's so much wrong with this at the level of resistance that I could talk a long time about that.

Your job, if you want to call it that, is to make the decision who's life you're ultimately going to live. Yours, or someone else's version of yours? If you decide to live for YOU, you can expect your situation to change – but ASSUMING how it's going to change is in no way productive. The idea is to fully allow whatever happens to unfold. Do you best not to label events as good or bad.

If you have a vision for yourself which involves passion, happiness, love, family, a sense of purpose and so on, and you work through the areas of resistance you may have in this area, the Universe will deliver that in the most efficient ways possible. Sometimes that means radical changes in the people who you surround yourself with. Other times, however, it can result in a seemingly miraculous shift in the other person. And what's most significant about this is that way more than that person changing, YOU changed. At an energetic level, what you're allowing another person to be or do has expanded, and thus you make it possible for people around you to actually be different to you. But's it's YOU who did the significant changing, and I think that's an important distinction to understand because it really has far-reaching implications, way beyond that of simply

relationships, but to how perceive literally everything. It all originates inside of US.

But speaking of relationships, I'm constantly hearing stories of people who are trying attract specific people into their lives. And while at first there doesn't appear to be much wrong with that, it's amazing how many of these stories involve people who are married to someone else, or who are showing no interest in the person trying to do the attracting.

As succinctly as possible, I'll say this:

It is absolutely not appropriate, nor will it work, to try to "realign" another person's vibration. If the relationship that you want is not what they want then you are not in vibrational resonance.

Your job is to be clear on the FEELING that you believe being with this particular person is going to give you, and then be open to attracting ANYONE that will be in alignment with that. You don't serve yourself by being attached to this one person, as if nobody else could provide you the fulfillment that you believe this person can. The fact is, they may

be currently with someone else, for whatever reasons. It is now time for you to allow infinite possibility, without being attached.

EFT can help you let go of some of those attached feelings. I might suggest setup phrases like:

"Even though it HAS to be this person or I won't be happy...."

"Even though I'm not good enough, and that's why they're with someone else..."

"Even though I'm hurt that they are not with me..."

These types of phrases will help you to "detach" from your happiness being dependant on attracting a particular person, and will allow you to most effectively attract someone who is truly in vibrational alignment with the type of relationship you really want.

So now, the Lottery.

Can I use the Law of Attraction to win the lottery? How come I can win $5, but not the megamillions? Statements like, "I know that when I win the lottery I'll be able to do all the things I want to do, give to charity, etc."

But almost ALWAYS there comes with these questions such attachment to it HAVING to be the Lottery that provides the resources they need. They absolutely believe that one big windfall like that is THE way for them to realize their dreams, and they're just not getting that it's not going to work that way because the resistance they have to allowing these resources to come is so strong, they're missing limitless opportunities to live their

dreams than spending dollar after dollar on lottery tickets in a game where the odds are so heavily stacked against them – and they KNOW and BELIEVE this – and because of that, AND their attachment to it having to be the lottery, they are so OUT of alignment with actually winning that they can't possibly attract it.

Further, we all know from the countless stories you hear that if a person is truly out of alignment with that kind of wealth, it doesn't mean they're out of alignment with winning. But who they are is the same…they're vibration may have a temporary shift, but if their core beliefs don't change about money which may have put them in a desperate situation prior to winning the lottery, then that money will be gone in no time. They're literally repelling it at a vibrational level.

If you're going to play the lottery my advice is to do it in conjunction with more meaningful displays of inspired action. It's not a person's purpose or passion to play the lottery. Following your passions and taking inspired actions around those are a much more efficient and FUN path to your ideal life. Again, I want to stress taking inspired action, as I'm going to be addressing that a couple more times in this recording.

Let the lottery be one of unlimited paths through which you'll allow the resources you need to flow to you, and you stand a much better chance of attracting a winning ticket because resistance is so much lower.

Now just a few quick things about the Flightwaves meditations.

These were actually created in 1998 and sold on their own. The purpose was, and still is, to provide an audio tool that allows people to slip into the meditative state with little or no effort, and I believe these recordings do that very well. But what's the best way to use them?

Well, there's really no rules. You'll find a PDF document called the "Reality Creation Workbook" along with the audio files. This will guide you through ONE method of using these meditations, though most people find our Experiential Meditation somewhat more powerful as a visualization-based meditation.

Still, since the Fligihtwaves audio has no speaking or subliminal message of any kind on it, you can use the recording however you'd like. Personally, I love the Thelta/Delta recording to lay down with in the afternoon for a 30 minute recharge. But you can use them how you'd like. No rules.

So speaking of the Experiential Meditation, a question I get a lot is about how many things you should focus on or visualize while listening. Again, there is no rule to this.

Remember, more than what you're visualizing, it's important that you're generating the emotions that you believe you're going to have when you have whatever you're visualizing. So you can visualize one thing, or a whole collection of things. For example, when I was visualizing my dream home, I used many elements to create the specific vibration

associated with what it would feel like to move into my dream home. In my example, I used the house on the lake that I described in my Wealth Beyond Reason book. But I learned early on that that house, more than being "mine", was the symbol I needed to generate the feelings that I thought that house would give me. In other words, I was no

longer attached to THAT HOUSE (which as it turns out, had problems we probably did not want to inherit), but ANY house that would give me the sense of freedom, joy, and satisfaction that my visualized house was bringing.

When you do that you allow "this or something better", which nearly always turns out better. In my case, with the house, the house we ended up in, exceeds my expectations of that lake house is countless ways. But that lake house kept me focused on my goal of attracting A dream home. It served it's purpose well. And if you can learn to detach from

the specifics, you'll attract what you want most, much more quickly.

Now that the Law of Attraction is in front of many more people than ever thanks in no small part to the movie "The Secret", the more obvious questions and objections are surfacing, and of course one of the main things thrown out are questions about why bad things happen to good people – how babies attract illness, how mass murder victims or

terror victims attracted those events and so on. And those are totally fair questions, but really GETTING this requires a real knowledge of the Law of Attraction and how it works, and not just the basic "Like attract Like" and "What you focus on Expands" aspects of the Law of Attraction CAN occur, but is not inherently how it works for most people.

The Law of Attraction is not inherently about attracting on purpose. Most people are definitely attracting by default at a totally unconscious level.

We don't just attract things that we want. We attract things that we are in ALIGNMENT with at a vibrational level. We don't always get in alignment with things on purpose. If we don't know about the Law of Attraction and that we can have a level of conscious control over what we're vibrating, we're most likely going to align with the predominant

vibration around us.

This is how we pick up limiting beliefs in the first place. We learn them from those around us. We just assume they are true and they become a part of our vibration and we attract accordingly.

If a person lives in a society where "bad things happen" all the time, they are very likely to believe that "bad things happen all the time", and that belief becomes a part of their vibration, and thus they attract accordingly. So entire societies can become in alignment with certain things happening because no one knows (or at least not enough people to make a significant difference) that things can be any other way.

Children will be in alignment with the vibrations of their parents most of the time. If the parents have a great deal of resistance in certain areas, that resistance is very likely going to become a part of that child's experience as well. Did the child ASK for this? No. Did then INTENTIONALLY attract it? No. But the attraction process IS still going on. It's ALWAYS going on.

The Law of Attraction allows anyone to change ANY situation, however there is often so much resistance going on, that it would SEEM to be an impossible feat. But it's not. It's just that the Universe responds to a person's predominant vibration, and short bursts of positive thinking cannot sustain a vibration that will attract significant change.

What needs to occur is that the world needs to get educated on the Law of Attraction. What it is, and what it's not. They need to understand that it's not some "feel good /personal development" theory, but a powerful physical law that literally holds our experience of the world together. When they can get past the hyperbole of the Law of Attraction and really understand it, then significant changes can occur on the planet.

Right now though, it's most important that we as individuals start to learn to shape our OWN experience of reality - because until we do that, we're not going to have the same ability to make a profound impact on the rest of the world - which, by the way is your OWN interpretation of what's really going on out there - and in reality is a grand illusion based on how you're interpreting the Energy around you, filtered through your own belief system.

When it comes down to it, it's truly not our place to even try to interpret why things happen to other people, as it only brings us into alignment with those things we're trying to figure out - and while that doesn't mean that you'll then experience those things yourself, you're going to be in alignment with continually hearing about those things -

and you'll be vibrationally stuck trying to figure out why other people are attracting the way they are. Your experience of the world will be that bad things are constantly happening. This is a choice you make when you choose to put your attention on it.

I'm not saying that one should always look the other way. Sometimes when we hear about something that we perceive as "bad", we experience an inspired call to action. The news awakens something within us that is in alignment with our sense of purpose and we know that we can make a difference. This is COMPLETELY different than emotionally

wallowing in the bad news, wondering WHY WHY WHY, and taking no action that benefits anyone at all.

Each one of us is an interpretation machine. We are bundles of Energy in human form, interpreting the rest of the Energy in the Universe, filtering information through our belief systems, and shaping our experience of reality. But it's OUR reality. The fact is, we don't really know what's going on "out there". But we are creating our own truth about what's going on. If we aren't careful, we can shape a truth that is unsatisfying, full of

frear, worry, and doubt, and truly miss the incredible experience we're here to have.

The Wealth Beyond Reason program is all about waking people up to these facts. The movie "The Secret" has the same goal; to show people that if you're in a place in your life that you don't like, you can do something about it. It's not about blaming anyone by saying "Well, YOU attracted it." It's about attempting to communicate in a loving way

that there are forces at work that allow things to become part of your experience, and if you're unaware of them, things seem out of control. But a small shift in awareness can begin to shift everything.

But you have to start with yourself.

I'll talk very briefly here about Inspired Action simply because I already have a whole follow-up seminar on it posted in the members area, but in case you're listening to this and don't have access to that seminar for whatever reason, I just want to clarify a misconception that some people have about what they THINK Law of Attractions teachers are saying.

What they're HEARING is that all you need to do is think positive happy thoughts and visualize, and everything you want will just appear. They hear us say that It's not their job to "figure out the HOW" of all of this, and to allow it to happen – and they perceive that to mean that we're saying you should just sit around doing nothing and trusting that

things are on the way.

That's not what we're saying. Although the Law of Attraction CAN bring things to people in seemingly magical ways if they have particularly low resistance in a certain area, in most cases a person will work in CONCERT with the Universe by taking Inspired Action. This is action that is nearly always born out of some intuitive flash, or unusual occurrences or meetings. Ideas out of nowhere. These are all the Universe

responding to your vibrational alignment with something different, and it is providing to you the most efficient means of you to bring that vision into your experience of reality…and the means that it's providing ARE those ideas, on which your job is then to take ACTION. Whether or not the action or idea makes any logical sense to you in terms of what your final vision is, is completely unimportant. You can only know what you

know, and make judgments from that. The Universe knows everything else. It's SO much easier to simply trust what you're given and take that inspired action. It's almost always going to feel fun, allow you to experience a sense of purpose, and not feel like work.

So it's not about doing nothing. In most cases you'll be taking massive action, truly feeling alive, and speeding toward the realization of your ever-evolving vision as you enjoy the process of getting there as much as you'll enjoy the rewards of your arrival.

So finally, this. I can honestly say that I rarely ever get e-mail like this, but every 6 months or so someone will tell me (normally out of the blue, meaning this is probably the first time that I've heard from them), that they've been a member of the program for however long, and things just aren't changing, or they're getting worse, or something along those lines.

Once you truly understand the Law of Attraction, you can see what's going on with people like this. First, they either DON'T fully get the Law of Attraction, and thus are going through the program with more of a "faith in the unknown" feeling about it, thus leaving room for very little real shift in their vibration, and actually putting a heck of a force field of resistance up, or the DO believe and at least intellectually understand the Law of Attraction, but seem to also have a belief that it's somehow bypassing them, or doesn't work with them correctly.

What we ALL have to accept is that we ARE attracting our experience, and we're not always going to understand it. But what every student of this program should know if they've gone through the lectures, is that if we're having an unenjoyable experience of life, there is simply more resistance to deal with. And I'll have people tell me they're doing EFT and not getting results, and I can almost guarantee that 100% of the time,

they're either tapping on the wrong issues, or not allowing themselves to fully tune into the emotion that counts with regards to what's keeping them stuck.

I've seen far too many seemingly impossible things happen with EFT to buy into anyone's story that it can't work for them, or their issue. I know a lot of people go through the motions of EFT and never really allow themselves to tune into what they're working on, which of COURSE will have a very limited result. Then they'll blame the process for not working, but it's simply sometimes an issue of just not having the experience with the process to know that you're probably not tapping on the right stuff,

or you're tapping AROUND an issue which might be to charged for you to look at.

Also, there are always going to be people who, even though they've spent 30-40 years gathering up extremely powerful resistance over the years, and forming extremely rigid beliefs, they expect because they join a "program" for all this to go away and things to change in a short time frame, short by THEIR definition by the way.

Listen, I've heard from many people who get nearly instant results with the Law of Attraction just because some small piece of information from our program turned on a crucial light for them and even with learning about EFT allowed them to lower some crucial area of resistance.

For others thought, resistance is going to be much more complex, and more persistence will be necessary. But giving up because it's not happening fast enough does not serve you. Resistance and getting rid of as much of it as possible is the key. Once you understand the basic truths of the Law of Attraction, it's all about the ongoing work with resistance.

But if a person is attached to a specific result in an area where they have massive amounts of resistance, and they keep looking at what's "not happening yet" and allowing that feeling to grow in them, of COURSE They'll seem stuck and like nothing's happening, but it's because they insist on looking at the same things and feeling the same way about them over and over again. They can go through all the exercises, they can

meditation, they can even go through the motions of countless hours of EFT, but if they keep floating their attention to what's missing in their lives, then nothing can change.

This is why part of our refund policy is that you absolutely MUST promise up front to ask for help if some part of the program is slowing you down, or has you confused in any way. Our commitment to our students is MUCH more serious than a tire-kicker relationship where people come in and don't do the work, but just want to "try it out". That's why we tell the tire-kickers right up front, don't join. We're about results and


No one can ever again convince me that the Law of Attraction "isn't working" for them. It's always working WITH them…it's always working with you…and you have an amazing amount of control over how you can interact with it and experience your life.

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